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  1. Turkish Report Exposes Locations of U.S. Troops in Syria
  2. 2017 AYF Olympics: And the Winner Is?
  3. Germany Says Erdogan Wants to Destroy the Foundations of Rule of Law and Democracy
  4. U.S. Legislators Demand Erdogan Apologize and Extradite Perpetrators of Embassy Attack
  5. Ni?anyan to the Armenian Weekly: This Regime is Going to go, and We Will Return!
  6. Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan Re-Elected by Parliament
  7. Armenia Places Third Out of 157 Teams at FIRST Global Youth Robotics Competition
  8. Armenian Virtual College Expands Focus on Armenian Language Education
  9. ARF to Hold Discussions with President Sarkisian on 2018 Government
  10. French-Armenian Georges K?p?n?kian Elected Mayor of Lyon
  11. Letter to Yerevan (Part III)
  12. Armenia Looks to Buy More Russian Arms
  13. Ungerutiun: Camaraderie
  14. Op-ed: Its About Time the U.S. Tells Erdogan That Turkey is Not Above the Law
  15. ARF Participates in Socialist International Council Meeting; Stands up to Azerbaijans Anti-Armenian Rhetoric
  16. Breaking: Reports Indicate Sevan Ni?anyan Has Escaped Prison and Fled Turkey
  17. U.S. Legislators to Affirm First Amendment at Site of Turkish Attack on American Protesters
  18. Dr. Vergine Madelian Honored by U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman
  19. 2017 AYF Olympics: Schedule of Events
  20. Measure to Stop Gun Sale to Turkey Cleared for U.S. House Vote
  21. Interpol Rejects Azerbaijani Request for Arrest Warrant Against European Parliamentarian
  22. AYF Summer 2017: Design In ArmeniaA Creative Awakening
  23. Turkish MPs May Be Punished for Using ?Armenian Genocide,? ?Kurdistan? in Parliament
  24. Armenian MFA Nalbandian Calls out Azerbaijan at Eastern Partnership Meeting
  25. The U.S. and Europe Must Investigate Azerbaijani Shipments of Weapons to Terrorists
  26. Artsakh Serviceman Killed by Azerbaijani Fire
  27. Turkey: A Millennium On? Still Plundering
  28. Assyrian-American Organizations Call for the Return of Confiscated Properties in Turkey
  29. Three Armenian Servicemen Wounded at Line of Contact
  30. U.S. House May Vote to Block F-35 Sale to Turkey
  31. Sireli Unger Mark
  32. Artsakh Commander Refutes Accusations of Shelling Civilians; MFA Says Azerbaijan Used Human Shields
  33. AYF Summer 2017: A Hike to Remember
  34. Amnesty International Turkey Director, Seven Other Human Rights Defenders Detained in Istanbul
  35. OSCE Minsk Group Calls on Both Sides to Cease Military Action Along Line of Contact
  36. AYF Camp Haiastan Flags Lowered to Half-Staff in Honor of Unger Mark Alashaian
  37. Azerbaijan Suffers Major Losses as Tensions Rise on Line of Contact
  38. Armenian Evangelical Secondary School of Anjar?s Diamond Anniversary Celebration Held in California
  39. Obituary: Mark Alashaian
  40. The ARS Central Executive Board Mourns the Passing of Chak? Der Melkonian-Minassian
  41. Armenian, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers May Meet Next Week
  42. Thank You, Canada150 Has Never Looked so Good!
  43. The ANCA at Work: Advancing Armenian Priorities at the White House, State Department, and Capitol Hill
  44. ANCA Welcomes Largest Summer Internship Class in Program?s 30 Year History
  45. Diversity Our Strength
  46. Tsavt Tanem: Untranslatable and Universal
  47. Armenias Human Rights Defender Publishes Ad Hoc Public Report on Azerbaijani Aggression
  48. Five Arrested Sasna Tsrer Members Claim to Have Been Beaten by Police
  49. ASA Announces Silver and Gold Medal Award Winners
  50. California State Senators Portantino and Wilk Urge Senate Support for Turkey Divestment
  51. My Name is Shamiram
  52. Letter to Yerevan (Part II)
  53. Ararat Khandoyan Sentenced Over ?Sasna Tsrer? Unrest
  54. AMAA Life Member, Activist, and Benefactor Elizabeth Agbabian Receives Presidential Honor
  55. Nominations are Open for the 2018 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity
  56. Report: German Foreign Ministry Warns Erdogans Guards to Stay Away from G20 Summit in Hamburg
  57. Western Prelacy Appoints Very Rev. Fr. Torkom Donoyan Vicar General
  58. Chirinian Appointed EAFJD Communication and Public Relations Officer
  59. Speaking Armenian: Everyman?s History
  60. ARS of Eastern U.S. Continues to Support the Mets Tagher Soseh Kindergarten
  61. A Resurgent Monument to the Living Memory of Soseh Mairik
  62. Tachjians Daily Life in the Abyss: Genocide Diaries, 1915-1918 Published by Berghahn Books
  63. Letter to the Editor: Economic Reforms
  64. Unseen Armenia: Explorations Around Sisian
  65. Armenian Parliament Officially Approves New Government Program
  66. Azerbaijani Infiltration Attempt Squashed; At Least Four Azerbaijani Soldiers Dead
  67. Shirinian: A New Era of Public Policy in Armenia
  68. Armenian Ambassador Meets with Speaker of the Syrias Parliament
  69. Longtime Armenian Kindergarten Director, Author of Armenian Schoolbooks Lousin Malikian Passes Away in Marseille
  70. Artsakh Dismisses Azerbaijani Reports of Captured Armenian Soldier
  71. European Parliament Resolution Calls on Turkey to Protect Cultural Heritage and Have Good Neighborly Relations with Armenia
  72. Yegparian: Rude Roaring Rabbits Ridiculous Rantings
  73. ANCC Calls Upon the Canadian Government to Condemn Azerbaijan?s Latest Aggression Against Artsakh
  74. Major Reforms Promised in New Armenian Government Program
  75. EAFJD Condemns Azerbaijans Latest Attack
  76. Rosendo?s Travelscope Visits Ancient Armenia
  77. Narek Gasparyan Becomes Fourth Artsakh Soldier Killed in Two Days
  78. From the Land Down Under to the ?Other Hairenik?
  79. Three 20-Year-Old Armenian Servicemen Killed by Azerbaijani Fire
  80. California Approves Millions for Armenian Museum and Genocide Education; ANCA-WR Praises State Legislators
  81. Ankara Calls Decision to Charge Turkish Security Detail Unacceptable; Summons U.S. Ambassador
  82. Breaking: Warrants Issued for the Arrest of Members of President Erdogans Security Detail
  83. Yegparian: Whatd You Say?
  84. Report: Charges Against a Dozen of Erdogan?s Security Detail Imminent
  85. ANCA Troubled Erdogan?s Bodyguards Not Among Those Charged Over Embassy Attack
  86. Breaking: Two Men Reportedly Arrested Over D.C. Attack on Peaceful Protesters
  87. NATO Representative Visits Yerevan, Calls Armenia a Reliable Partner
  88. Southern California Campus Tour Spotlights ANCA Programs Geared to Kickstart Public Policy Careers
  89. Turkey Hires More U.S. Lobbying Firms as its Reputation is Further Tarnished
  90. ARF Bureau Chair Visits Aleppo, Meets with Organization Representatives
  91. Armenian-American Pianist to Teach at Vienna International Pianists Academy
  92. AUA Marks 25th Commencement and Inaugural Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony
  93. Remembering Bash Aparan and Building a Green Sustainable Armenia
  94. ONEArmenia Launches Project to Support Local Grape Farmers
  95. Inherent Unity: Reflections from AYF Junior Seminar
  96. Meetings in Philadelphia Reaffirm Hamazkayin Mission
  97. Members of Sasna Tsrer Go on Trial in Yerevan
  98. OSCE Calls for Investigation into Baku?s Ill-treatment of Journalist
  99. Germany to Pull out of Incirlik; Troops and Aircraft to be Moved to Jordan
  100. Job Opportunity: Assistant Editor (English)
  101. Armenian Aid to Syria Arrives in Latakia
  102. Breaking: U.S. House of Representatives Condemns D.C. Attack on Peaceful Protesters
  103. Twenty Years after Princess Dianas Iconic Walk, a Landmine Free Artsakh is in Sight
  104. The Promise Screened in Canadian Parliament
  105. Obituary: Mayram Artinian
  106. German Foreign Minister Says Germany Will Pull Forces Out of Turkey?s Incirlik Base
  107. 2017 AYF-YOARF Junior Seminar: A Weekend with Purpose
  108. The Armenian Weekly April 2017 Magazine Now Available Online
  109. Editorial: 102 Years On?
  110. Special Counsel Mueller to Investigate Flynn?s Turkey Connection
  111. ANCA Presses Congress for Continued U.S. Artsakh Funding to Complete De-Mining
  112. D.C. Attack Puts Turkey-U.S. Gun Deal in Jeopardy
  113. Before We Talk about Armenian Genocide Reparations, There Is Another Accounting Due
  114. Congresswoman Napolitano Praises ANCA-LAWA Dialogue on Direct LAX-Yerevan Flights
  115. Turkey Declares Curfews in More Than 40 Diyarbakir Villages
  116. Poem: We Have Not Forgotten
  117. AMAA Leadership Visits Artsakh
  118. OSCE Promises Continued Involvement in Armenia Despite Office Closure
  119. The Power of Purpose
  120. Dr. Tom Catena Awarded 2017 Aurora Prize
  121. ARF Eastern U.S. Announces Conference to Mark Centennial of First Republic
  122. Letter to Yerevan (Part I)
  123. UCLA Offers Summer High School Heritage Language Program
  124. Collective Calls for Justice in the Face of Denial and Despotism
  125. Obituary: Ida Evranian-Cecchini
  126. On Superheroes
  127. Breaking: House Foreign Affairs Committee Unanimously Condemns the D.C. Attacks by Erdogan?s Bodyguards
  128. Soccer: ?The Midfield Armenian? and United Crowned Europa League Champions
  129. ANCA to Testify at Key House Foreign Affairs Panel Hearing on Beatings of U.S. Protesters
  130. Breaking: House Foreign Affairs Committee Set to Vote on Resolution Condemning D.C. Attack
  131. Istanbul Patriarchate?s General Vicar Ateshian Resigns
  132. Rep. Ted Poe Condemns D.C. Attack, Erdogan, on U.S. House Floor
  133. UCLA Armenian Students Association Demonstrates Against the Young Turks? Ana Kasparian
  134. Honoring Balaban Hoja: A Hero for Armenian Orphans
  135. No Ordinary Trip: Artsakh Liberation Memorialized
  136. Homenetmen Eastern U.S. Welcomes Merrimack Valley ?Miavor?
  137. U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson to Turkish Ambassador: D.C. Attack is Unacceptable
  138. The Escalating Outrage Over Turkish Attack on Peaceful Protesters
  139. Obituary: Dr. Jacob C. Baboian
  140. Sen. Jack Reed: Members Erdogan?s Security Detail Should be Disciplined
  141. Armenian Serviceman Karen Danielyan Killed by Azerbaijani Fire
  142. Take Action: Social Media Campaign to Expose Turkeys Human Rights Abuses
  143. Sen. John McCain: We Should Throw Turkeys Ambassador the Hell out of the U.S.
  144. ARF Eastern U.S. Issues Statement on Washington D.C. Attack
  145. Washington D.C. Mayor Condemns Erdogans Security Detail Led Assault Against Peaceful Protesters
  146. AYF Member Anoush Krafian Hurdling Towards Track Laurels
  147. The ACAA Endowment Fund: A Legacy for the Future
  148. Breaking: Pro-Erdogan Group Attacks Peaceful Protesters in D.C.
  149. Malta Bank Employee Reveals Documents Linking Aliyevs to Bank Accounts
  150. Samvel Mejlumyan Becomes Sixth Wounded Soldier to Receive Renovated Home from the Tufenkian Foundation
  151. Camp Armen to be Rebuilt into a Social and Cultural Facility
  152. Azerbaijani Guided Missile Hits Armenian Military Equipment
  153. Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund Announces Successful Deployment of Military-Grade First Aid Kits
  154. Shiraz: My Mother
  155. Turkish Police Detain Opposition Newspaper Editor
  156. The Ottoman Lieutenant: Another Denialist Water Diviner
  157. ARS of New Jerseys ?Walk Armenia? Takes Place in Paramus
  158. Hamazkayin Eastern U.S. Holds 41st Regional Convention; Elects Regional Executive
  159. Experience: The Armenian Parliamentary Elections Through the Eyes of a High-Schooler
  160. Artsakh Addressed in U.S. Intelligence Community Report
  161. Truth, Justice, and Reparations: Detroit Commemorates with Garo Paylan and Fethiye Cetin
  162. Unseen Armenia: Hin Tagher
  163. Yegparian: Turn, Turn, Turn
  164. Hamparian: A May 9th Message
  165. Twenty-Five Years After Shushi?s Liberation, We Cannot Take Artsakh for Granted
  166. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Shushi Liberation Celebrated in Artsakh
  167. Mensoian: The Changing Significance of April 24
  168. Chicago Community Rallies in their Promise to Never Forget
  169. Turkish Police Raid Zarakolu?s Belge Publishing House, Seize Over 2,000 Books
  170. Transfourming Sorrow: A Multi-Sensory Installation by Kardash Onnig
  171. ARF Publishes Statement Ahead of Yerevan City Council Elections
  172. Hanganak Elderly Project Expandes to Shushi with Support from Armenia Fund USA
  173. Oil, Gold, and Bribes: A Ticking Turkish Time Bomb
  174. OSCE Office in Yerevan to Close; Azerbaijan Responsible
  175. The Last Brick in the Denialist Wall: Ak?am Speaks with the Armenian Weekly on His Latest Discovery
  176. Armenian and Native American Unity and Survival Celebrated in Innovative Program
  177. The Difference Between Light and Darkness on World Press Freedom Day
  178. Armenian Genocide Commemorated at Georgia State Capitol
  179. Russian Soldier Convicted of Murder of Gyumri Family May Serve Sentence in Russia
  180. Power Speaking Truth: Members of Congress Commemorate Genocide; Condemn Turkeys Denial
  181. His Eminence Methodios Leads First Ever Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston Armenian Genocide Commemoration
  182. Raising Genocide Awareness on the Brooklyn Bridge
  183. Berejiklian, Nahapetian Among Highlights at Sydney Armenian Genocide Commemoration
  184. Ak?am to Present Story Behind The Smoking Gun at the Armenian Museum of America
  185. More than 1,500 Gather in Toronto to Honor Armenian Member of Turkish Parliament Garo Paylan
  186. Azerbaijani Apples Wind Up in Armenian Stores; Authorities Baffled
  187. Armenian Flag Raising Ceremony Held at Fort Lee Borough Hall in Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide
  188. Armenian National Hero Tatul Krpeyan?s Bust Unveiled in Yerevan
  189. Access to Wikipedia Blocked in Turkey
  190. AUA Lecturer Raffi Meneshian Receives Boghos Noubar Medal
  191. Young Violinist Haig Hovsepian Wins BSO Concerto Competition
  192. Exclusive: Armenian Genocide Doc Intent to Destroy Premieres at Tribeca
  193. HMADS: Generations of Giving
  194. EU Delegation?s Grant Program Coordinator Arrested in Yerevan
  195. Azerbaijani Diplomats Wife Avoids Shoplifting Charge through Diplomatic Immunity
  196. Turkey Condemns Czech Recognition of Armenian Genocide
  197. 2017 Times Square Armenian Genocide Commemoration in Photos
  198. Armenian Genocide Commemorated at Massachusetts State House
  199. Turkey Arrests More Than a 1,000 in Latest Raids
  200. April 24 in Turkey: Still No Justice for the Murdered Armenian Serving in the Turkish Army
  201. Hundreds Protest, Demand Justice at Turkish Consulate in Boston
  202. Czech Parliament Approves Armenian Genocide Resolution
  203. Truth, Justice, and Remembrance Prevail in Times Square
  204. Thousands in Ottawa Commemorate the Armenian Genocide, Protest Turkish Denial
  205. History is Written by the Victors
  206. Watch Live: Torch-Lit Procession Demanding Justice for the Armenian Genocide in Yerevan
  207. Paylan: To the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey
  208. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Reaffirms Commitment to Armenian Genocide Recognition
  209. Wyoming Becomes 45th U.S. State to Recognize the Armenian Genocide
  210. Armenian Junior Sergeant Accidentally Kills Private
  211. U.S. Immigration Policies and the Armenian Community
  212. The Promise Premieres in New York with Full Cast, Filmmakers, and UN Dignitaries
  213. Hidden Armenian and Greek Celebrities in Turkish Cinema
  214. 2017, Social Media, and ?The Promise?
  215. Partzratzeer yev Partzratzoor: Carrying on the Armenian Torch Through Theater
  216. Editorial: It Takes a Village
  217. Remembering the Armenian Genocide Through Survivor Memoirs and Historical Novels
  218. Turkish Journalist Exposes Persecution of Jews in Turkey
  219. Protest to Take Place at Boston?s Turkish Consulate on April 24
  220. Congressman Pallone Says Turkey Moving Towards Authoritarian Rule After Referendum
  221. Armenian Night at the Pops to Feature Soprano Hasmik Torosyan in Boston Debut
  222. Bedrosyan: Whats Next for Turkey?
  223. Tankian and Nazarian in Conversation at Columbia on April 24
  224. Tremulous, Truculent, Turbulent Turkey
  225. SAS Scandal: Armenias Prosecutor General to Examine Report of Employee Intimidation
  226. ?The Promise? in Theaters Near You
  227. Khatcherian Presents New Book ?Khatchkar? in New York
  228. Lecture on Long-Term Effects of 2016 April War to be Offered at NAASR
  229. End of Transition: Armenia 25 Years On, Now What?
  230. Forgive and Forget, Kiss and Make Up
  231. OSCE?s 2016 Report Highlights Work in Artsakh, Armenia
  232. The 27th Homenetmen Eastern U.S. Navasartian Games: Important Updates
  233. Armenian Youth Foundation Provides Grant to St. Stephens Armenian School
  234. 2017 AYF Olympics: Open for Business
  235. Erzincan: Armenian Gravestones Removed as Armenian Heritage Continues to Disappear
  236. Final Parliamentary Election Results Announced; Seats Distributed
  237. Pashinyan and Postanjyan to Challenge RPA Incumbent in Yerevan Mayor Race
  238. Op-ed: It is Time for the United States to Properly Recognize the Armenian Genocide
  239. Successful ARS Seminar Focuses on Leadership Skills, Values, and Reconnection
  240. Four Ethnic Minorities to be Represented in Armenian Parliament
  241. Armenian Government Officials Told to Work Longer Hours
  242. Vardanyan Speaks About Parliamentary Elections in New Interview
  243. Expropriation of Surp Giragos Armenian Church Suspended
  244. ARF Supreme Council Releases Statement Regarding Armenias Parliamentary Elections
  245. Landslide Victory for ANCA Endorsed Candidates in California
  246. Capitol Hill Armenian Genocide Remembrance Features Bipartisan Calls to Reject Turkey?s Gag-Rule
  247. U.S. Congratulates Armenia on Calm and Orderly Elections
  248. Lebanon?s ARF Student Association Peacefully Demonstrates Against Genocide Denial on University Campus
  249. ANCA Advances Armenia and Artsakh Foreign Aid Priorities
  250. Sequel to Hit Armenian Play a Major Success