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  1. Artsakh Remembers Sumgait Pogroms, 1,200 ARF Members Join Commemoration
  2. Activists Turn Their Backs to Denialist Speakers at UofT
  3. Hayastan All-Armenian Fund to Construct Community Center in Mushkapat
  4. Illinois Holocaust Museum Hosts Symposium for Centennial
  5. South Dakota House Recognizes Armenian Genocide
  6. Congresswoman Chu Commemorates Anti-Armenian Massacres
  7. Pogharian’s High School Science Fair Project Leads to Medical Possibilities
  8. Around 1,000 ARF Members to Visit Artsakh on Feb. 27
  9. ‘Chhange’ to Commemorate 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
  10. Contemporary Genocide Play to Debut in NYC in April
  11. Turkey’s Tactics of ‘Oriental Slyness’
  12. Police Hang Turkish Flags on Starbucks Storefronts in Adana
  13. Babaian-Khachikian to Present on Cultural Heritage of the Armenians in Isfahan
  14. Banners Celebrating Genocide Displayed in Turkey
  15. Poem: I Am Cricket . . .
  16. Aboard the Armenian Heritage Cruise
  17. Turkey Denies Report on Cancellation of Gallipoli Commemoration Events
  18. ?Khojali: A Pretext to Incite Ethnic Hatred?
  19. Bohjalian to Speak at Watertown Public Library
  20. Breaking: Gallipoli Commemorations Canceled in Turkey
  21. Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (Feb. 21, 2015)
  22. Concert to Commemorate Genocide Centennial
  23. Azerbaijan Accuses Armenian, French Eurovision Entries of Being Political
  24. ARS-ER Scholarship Fund Established in Honor of Vergine Jamgotchian
  25. New Documentary: ‘Turkey, the Legacy of Silence’
  26. UC Berkeley Student Senate Passes Resolution Calling for Divestment from Turkey
  27. Sacred Justice
  28. PAP Calls Off Rally, Commits to Peaceful, Legal Solution
  29. NAASR Lecture to Compare Plunder of Properties during Armenian Genocide, Holocaust
  30. AMAA Executive Director Zaven Khanjian Delivers Hrant Dink Lecture
  31. Indoor Swimming Pool Built at Gyumri Children’s Home
  32. Sassounian: Who Is Responsible for Turning Erdogan into a Fanatical Tyrant?
  33. Which Cold Don’t You Prefer?
  34. Der Kiureghian Appointed President of AUA
  35. ANCA Leads Pro-Karabagh Campaign on Capitol Hill
  36. The Cup Runneth Over: A New Era of Oligarchic Competition
  37. Book Review: ‘The Martyred Armenian Writers 1915-1922’
  38. Poem: Stranger
  39. New Book: ‘In the Shadow of the Sultan’
  40. Lamenting Love Story Endings
  41. Major International Conference to Mark Genocide Centennial at UNL
  42. Not Another ‘Je Suis’ Article
  43. Billboards Commemorate Genocide Centennial
  44. Ak?am Awarded ‘Hrant Dink Spirit of Freedom and Justice’ Medal
  45. Legendary Armenian-American Basketball Coach Jerry Tarkanian Passes Away
  46. Beyond Independence: An Interview with Artak Beglaryan, Spokesperson for NKR Prime Minister
  47. Hollywood Embraces ‘Men of Granite’
  48. Register for ‘Responsibility 2015’ Conference in NY
  49. AUA Instructor Commemorates Centennial with ‘100 Years, 100 Facts’
  50. It?s/They?re Coming!
  51. Letter: Why Would NH Endorse a Foreign Dictator?
  52. Rendahl: The Shame of Difference
  53. Ak?am, Balakian to Speak at Genocide Conference at Arizona State
  54. The Soap Maker of Yerevan
  55. St. Gregory Church Celebrates 45th Anniversary
  56. Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (Feb. 7, 2015)
  57. Sassounian: Pan-Armenian Declaration Reveals Plans for Legal Claims against Turkey
  58. Karanian, Nazarian, Tufankjian to Speak at Youth Connect Program at NYU
  59. Historic Armenian Cemetery of Beyoglu Returned to Community
  60. Loose Restraints: A Look at the Increasingly Shaky Karabagh Ceasefire
  61. The Bachelors
  62. Genocide Education Project Establishes Course at URI
  63. NKR President Bako Sahakyan Holds Meeting on Berdzor Attack
  64. Groundbreaking Symposium at Columbia to Focus on ‘Monuments and Memory’
  65. Violence Against Opposition Group in Berdzor Draws Condemnation
  66. Pipe-Scented Candle Gains New ‘Light’
  67. Astarjian: A Quadruple Historic Bypass
  68. Pan-Armenian Declaration on Armenian Genocide Centennial Adopted
  69. Aram Garabedian Remains Ultimate Patriots’ Fan
  70. Display of Genocide Commemorative Medals Wins Top Award
  71. ANCA Welcomes Rep. Dold as New Republican Co-Chair of Congressional Armenian Caucus
  72. Recent Publication Highlights Complexities of Uncovering the History of the Medieval City of Ani
  73. Heating Armenia the Sustainable Way
  74. Applications for ‘SERVICE Armenia’ 2015 Now Available
  75. Florida State Coach Mark Krikorian Wins Third National Title
  76. Sassounian: Armenia’s Jewish Community Leader Lashes Out at Pro-Azeri Propagandists
  77. Babaian-Khachikian to Speak at Men’s Club on ‘Cultural Heritage of Isfahan’
  78. Sarkisian Issues Statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day
  79. Yegparian: The First Salvo
  80. Armenian Church Torched, as Fighting over Mosul Intensifies
  81. Declaration of 32nd ARF World Congress
  82. The Punchline: Keskin Heads to Prison?
  83. Turkish Human Rights Organizations to Become Intervening Party in Perin?ek Case
  84. 32nd ARF World Congress Concludes, Elects New Bureau
  85. Dink’s Assassination Anniversary Commemorated in Diyarbakir
  86. A Document That Cries Out
  87. Armenian Museum to Present ‘Kiss the Ground’ Exhibit, ‘Voices’ Film
  88. Pursuing Justice in a Culture of Impunity: Ivan Karakashian of ‘Defense for Children International Palestine’
  89. Genocide Centennial Event to Take Place in South Florida
  90. Spirit of Christmas Fills Sisters Academy in Radnor
  91. Watertown Program to Explore Legacy of ‘Lost’ Armenians in Turkey
  92. Letter: Hrant Dink (1954-1915)
  93. ‘Sayat Nova International Composition Competition’ Announces Winners
  94. The Gyumri killings: Beyond the Legal Arguments
  95. Questions Remain Unanswered for the Fate of Confessed Killer of Gyumri Family
  96. Fethiye Cetin Speaks at 8th Hrant Dink Commemoration in Toronto
  97. 6-Month-Old Survivor of Gyumri Tragedy Succumbs to Injuries, Despite Medical Efforts
  98. A Wish for Aladdin and the Future of Atonement
  99. 32nd ARF World Congress Convenes
  100. Funeral and March Held for Murdered French-Armenian Teenager
  101. Sarkisian: Turkey Is Perfecting Distortion of History
  102. Relatives of Slain Gyumri Family Back Calls for Handover of Russian Suspect
  103. ANCA-ER Seeks Candidates for Director of Community Outreach and Communications Role
  104. Yerevan’s Strangely Silent Streets
  105. French Ambassador to the U.S. Clarifies Armenian Genocide Comment on MSNBC with ANCA Leaders
  106. ‘Passages’ Exhibit Comes to Armenian Museum
  107. International Cast of Journalists to Speak at Centennial Conference in NY
  108. Obituary: Lenore Arabian
  109. The DC Life: ANCA Leo Sarkisian Interns Look Back at a Summer of Commitment to Cause and Community
  110. Istanbul Police Officers Arrested in Dink Murder Case
  111. Searching for Historic Armenia after 100 Years
  112. Tragedy in Gyumri: Six Members of Family Killed, Suspect Detained at Turkish Border
  113. Facing History and Ourselves to Hold Workshop on Armenian Genocide
  114. AMAA’s ‘Stitched with Love’ Program Provides Hats, Blankets for Newborns
  115. Hamparian: Particularly Vicious
  116. Armenian Catholic Cathedral in Aleppo Bombed Hours Before Mass
  117. ‘Where Is Your Groom’ Comes to Philadelphia
  118. Protecting Wildlife in Armenia
  119. Rashid Khalidi, Rakel Dink Speak at Hrant Dink Memorial
  120. The Music Never Stops with Ara Topouzian
  121. Movsesian, Morgenthau Offer Moving Remarks at ANCA-ER Salute to Civic Activism
  122. CSUN Armenian Studies to Host Genocide Conference
  123. Letter: Conformists or Individuals?
  124. 81st Annual AYF Convention Held in New Jersey
  125. Javakhk Armenians Eagerly Await Their Piece of the Georgian Dream
  126. Kharpert: The Golden Plain of the Armenian Plateau
  127. The Armenians of Singapore: An Historical Perspective
  128. Bohjalian Receives Award in Moscow
  129. Fitchburg State Taps Harootian a Second Time
  130. Remembering Vahan Hovannesian
  131. Letter to Father Christmas
  132. First Armenian Float Wins Presidential Award
  133. Ekmanian: Armenia’s Uncommon Sense
  134. Project SAVE Archives Honors John Kebadjian
  135. ‘I’ll squeeze those Armenians like lemons’
  136. Karabagh Court Sentences Azerbaijani Saboteurs, Baku Denounces Trial
  137. Eric Nazarian, Scout Tufankjian to Speak at Youth Connect Program at NYU
  138. Prominent Scholars to Speak at Centennial Conference in NY
  139. A New Cyclotron at Yerevan Physics Institute
  140. Uncle Garabed?s Notebook (Dec. 3, 2014)
  141. Soccer: A Year to Forget for the Armenian National Team
  142. AWWA Celebrates 10 Years of Supporting Elderly Clinic in Stepanakert
  143. AGBU NYSEC Concert Raises Over $60,000 for Performing Arts Initiatives
  144. ARF Leader Vahan Hovannesian Passes Away
  145. The Season for Giving (of Yourself)
  146. Armenian and Kurdish Village Names Restored in Van
  147. ‘Project1915’: Chicago Artist Creates Monumental Painting to Memorialize Genocide
  148. Civil Society in Armenia: Challenges and Opportunities
  149. Land-Locked: The Necessity of Open Borders in Armenia
  150. The Survival of Armenia: Dangers and Opportunities
  151. Armenian Weekly Featured at Newseum Exhibit
  152. Sassounian: Amal Clooney to Represent Armenia in European Court
  153. Bogosian, Tufankjian, and Bohjalian to Speak at Centennial Conference in NY
  154. Hovannisian Gives Multiple Fall Presentations
  155. Darakjian Elected President of AMAA Board
  156. The Armenians of Singapore
  157. Yegparian: Soul Searching or Self Serving?
  158. Readers Share Their Gratitude Toward America
  159. ‘Seeing Hands’: Providing Massages to Weary Diasporans, and Work for the Blind
  160. Society for Armenian Studies DC Conference on ‘Armenians in the Ottoman Empire’ (Part I)
  161. Akcam to Present Talk on League of Nations’ Aleppo Rescue House
  162. Turkey?s Shame: The Case of Fatma and Azad Tokmak
  163. Young Biologists Dedicated to Environmental Conservation in Armenia, Artsakh
  164. Project SAVE Partners with St. Stephen’s Elementary
  165. Armenians Celebrate Mass in China for First Time in Decades
  166. Armenian Community in China and Hong Kong Gathers for Lecture, Christmas Party
  167. Sahagian: No, I Am Not Anatolian!
  168. Tomo of Istanbul
  169. Three Holiday Gift Ideas from the Armenian Diaspora of Europe
  170. Paros Foundation, Atamian Family Build Safe Haven for Border Village Children
  171. Armenian-American Activists Speak Out on Ferguson
  172. 100’s
  173. Whitinsville Honors Its Retiring (?) Pastor
  174. ANCA-ER Celebrates Grassroots Activism at 8th Annual Banquet
  175. Rwandan Genocide Exhibit Displayed in Congress
  176. Genocide Centennial Commemoration to Be Held in Istanbul
  177. ‘Zulal’ to Perform at St. Vartan Cathedral
  178. AMA to Feature New Exhibit: ‘Kiss the Ground—A New Armenia’
  179. Robertson, Fisk to Speak at Centennial Conference in New York
  180. Congressional Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs to Join ANCA ER Celebration of Civic Activism
  181. Khatchig Mouradian: A Man in Motion
  182. Hairenik Publishes ?Voices from the Past: Excerpts from Writings of Armenian Revolutionaries?
  183. Akcam: Textbooks and the Armenian Genocide in Turkey: Heading Towards 2015
  184. Poem: The Road Back Home?
  185. Apigian-Kessel: In Lieu of a Bucket List, the ‘Things I Miss’ List
  186. Michael Aram Hosts Event to Support Tumo Center
  187. Armenian ‘Sound of Music’ Delights Audience in Watertown
  188. 10 U.S. Representatives Join Capitol Hill Celebration of Artsakh?s Independence
  189. Bolivia’s Legislature Unanimously Recognizes Armenian Genocide
  190. Resolution with Justice: Theriault Discusses Armenian Genocide Reparations Report
  191. ADAA to Award $10,000 Saroyan Playwriting Prize
  192. Artsakh Fund Raises Money for Village Expansion Project
  193. Armenia Applauds Hejinian Art Exhibit
  194. Project Save: A True Gift of History
  195. Obituary: Vartkes Sinanian
  196. Giving Thanks as Proud American Armenians
  197. Jaklin Celik’s ‘Festival of Wrath’
  198. Detroit ‘Azadamard’ Celebrates ARF’s 124th Anniversary
  199. Tickets on Sale Now for AGBU NYSEC’s 7th Annual ‘Performing Artists in Concert’
  200. Rendahl: Pit Stops and Acts of Kindness
  201. Helen Garabedian Mikitarian (1937-2014)
  202. Conference on Turkey-Armenia Border Takes Place in Ankara
  203. National Hero Gen. Sebouh Reinterred at Yerablur
  204. Poem: Moon
  205. Bodies of the Three Artsakh Pilots Retrieved in Special Military Operation
  206. There is Only the Earth: An Interview with Photojournalist Scout Tufankjian
  207. Blood For Memory: A Unique Approach to Honoring the Genocide Centennial
  208. Uncle Garabed?s Notebook (Nov. 22, 2014)
  209. Minsk Group ‘Deeply Concerned’ Over Inaccessibility of Helicopter Crash Site
  210. Hairenik’s 2015 Calendar of Western Armenian Churches Now Available for Purchase
  211. A Living Legacy & Tribute: Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway
  212. Aram Arkun Appointed Executive Director of Tekeyan Cultural Association
  213. ANC-MI Hosts Republican David Trott
  214. Sassounian: Countries Selling Weapons to Azerbaijan Are Just as Guilty for Attacks on Artsakh
  215. Members of Congress Welcome White House Display of Orphan Rug
  216. Armenian Orphan Rug Goes on Display at White House
  217. Queenie and Al Bagian’s Enduring Impact on the ARS
  218. Near East Foundation?s Mardirossian to Present ANCA Freedom Award to Morgenthau
  219. How I Found My Brother
  220. Chairman Royce, Members of Congress Condemn Azerbaijan Shoot Down of Karabagh Helicopter
  221. Causes and Consequences of the Helicopter Attack, and Baku’s Motives for Escalation
  222. Telethon 2014 to Benefit Construction of Vardenis-Martakert Highway
  223. Meet Steve Evarian
  224. Press Conference on White House Display of Orphan Rug to Take Place Nov. 18
  225. A Hero’s Tale
  226. Centennial Opportunities
  227. Minsk Group Co-Chairs Express ‘Serious Concern’ Over Downed Helicopter
  228. Azerbaijan Shoots Down NKR Air Force Helicopter, Casualties Reported
  229. Turkey’s Post-Post-Modern Coup and U.S. Foreign Policy
  230. Aleppo Prelacy Employee Killed in Bombing
  231. Soccer: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal Welcomes Armenia to the Algarve
  232. Poem: I Forgot…
  233. Letter: Amoulsar, A Mining Disaster in Armenia
  234. ARS Initiates New Chapter in Belgium
  235. Gold Medal Awarded to Vahan H. Tootikian on 55th Anniversary of Ministry
  236. ‘We Don’t Run’: An Interview with Archbishop Shahan Sarkisian, Prelate of Aleppo
  237. Over 95 Percent of ANCA Endorsed Candidates Win Seats in Congress
  238. ARF Day Celebrated in Worcester
  239. Paros Foundation’s ‘100 for 100 Projects’
  240. Alice Movsesian to Receive Vahan Cardashian Award at 8th Annual ANCA ER Banquet
  241. AUA Honors Hovannisian for Donation of Book Collection to AGBU Papazian Library
  242. Cyclists, Hye Riders, AHS Join ‘100 km Tribute’
  243. New Historical Novel on Armin T. Wegner Launched at Frankfurt International Book Fair
  244. Bedrosyan: Three Fugitives and a Great Crime
  245. Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (Nov. 8, 2014)
  246. Kricorian to Speak at Harvard Coop in Cambridge
  247. Anger Turns to Protest Against Erdogan’s Visit to France
  248. Virginia US Senate Candidate Gillespie Voices Support for Armenian American Priorities
  249. Robert Morgenthau to Receive Freedom Award at 8th Annual ANCA Eastern Region Banquet
  250. Activating Awareness Through Alternative Art in Armenia