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  1. MP Ayvazyan Doesn't Return Lake; Tabatzghour Villagers Appeal to Ivanishvili for Help
  2. Avetisyan Family Protest March in Gyumri a Non-Event; Only Reporters Show Up
  3. Georgian Connection: Is Former Armavia Owner Baghdasarov Getting Back in the Aviation Business?
  4. 365 Wines: A Small Company with a Young Vintner Making Big Inroads
  5. Spain: Princess Cristina Tried For Fraud
  6. Third Flu Patient Dies Today; 14 Registered Deaths So Far
  7. Two More Flu-Related Deaths Reported in Armenia
  8. Unfair Layoffs: Byureghavan Boarding School Employees Petition Prime Minister
  9. Yerevan: Woman Charged with Killing Boyfriend in Jealous Rage
  10. Armenian Former Minister to Visit Bulgaria
  11. Local Election Commission Member Charged with Illegal Voting in Dec.6 Referendum
  12. Artsakh Army Says It Repelled Attempted Azerbaijani Incursion
  13. Italy: Crackdown on Illegal Online Gambling Ring
  14. US To Monitor Secret Luxury Real Estate Purchases
  15. Armenian President Discusses NATO, Karabakh, with U.S. Official
  16. Armenian Health Minister Points Finger at Type A Flu: 11 Patients On Artificial Respirators
  17. Armenian FM Hosts Charles Kupchan, Special Assistant to the U.S. President
  18. Price of Basic Foodstuffs Up 3% in December
  19. OSCE Mission Conducts Line of Contact Monitoring
  20. Underage Marriage in Armenia: Is Criminal Prosecution a Fair Solution?
  21. ECHR Throws Out Chakhalyan's Petition Against Georgia; Javakhk Activist Points Finger at Saakashvili
  22. Armenian President Visits Andranik Margaryan Chess Tournament
  23. Seyran the Shepherd: Moving to the Next Village Just for a Bit More Money Is Dishonorable
  24. Azerbaijan Fires 450 Rounds Across Line of Contact
  25. Tigran Sargsyan Replaced as Armenias Ambassador to U.S.
  26. Armenia's Human Rights Defender Resigns: Gives No Explanation
  27. One Year Anniversary of Avetisyan Family Murders: Relatives May Boycott Trial
  28. General Manager of Yerevan Ulisses FC Arrested on Game Fixing Charges
  29. Aleksan Harutyunyan Appointed Armenia's Ambassador to Chile
  30. Book Review: The Magic Buttons (Nouneh Sarkissian)
  31. Turkey: Opposition Leader Blasts Gov't for Journalist Crackdowns
  32. Yerevan Mayor Lambastes Sanitek for Inadequate Snow Removal Work
  33. Endangered Animal Trafficker, Wanted by Interpol, Continues Doing Business in Armenia
  34. Medical Malpractice: Doctors in Armenia Get a Free Ride
  35. HayPost of Armenia partners with Ria Money Transfer to provide inbound and outbound remittance services
  36. No Influenza Epidemic, Says Armenian Health Minister:
  37. Azerbaijan Fires 500 Rounds, Says Artsakh Ministry
  38. Azerbaijani Gunfire Kills Artsakh Soldier
  39. Mexico: They Got Shorty, Again
  40. Human Rights Watch Calls on Armenia to Release Jailed Opposition Activist
  41. Report Says Armenia a Transit Point for Drugs Smuggled to Europe, Malaysia
  42. Italy: Judge Sentences Suspects in 'Mafia Capitale' Trial
  43. Aunt of Convicted Former Soldier: 'They found a defenseless boy and put the blame on him'
  44. Turkey: Vessel Carrying 13 Tons of Marijuana Stopped
  45. Romania: Crackdown on ATM 'Cyber-Robbers'
  46. Major $ 732.6 Million Cocaine Seizure Reported in UK and Spain
  47. Yerevan Municipality Spends $83,700 for X-Mas Tree and Holiday Concerts
  48. Made in Italy: Investigators Spotlight 'Agromafia' in Major Counterfeit Food Seizures
  49. Car Chase Ends in Shooting of Suspect of Los Angeles Crime Spree
  50. A Bridge Made of Vordan Karmir: A Conversation with Turkish Artist Asl? ?avu?o?lu
  51. Armenian Soprano Anush Hovhannisyan with Philharmonia Orchestra and Chinese Pianist Lang Lang at Royal Festival Hall
  52. Why Should We Armenians Want Zionists to Recognize Us?
  53. Reality Show Saves Serbian Drug Trafficker
  54. OCCRP Declares Milo Djukanovi? 2015 Organized Crime and Corruption Person of the Year
  55. Armenia's Footballers Spread Holiday Cheer to Kids at Yerevan Hospital
  56. Yerevan New Years - Snow, Colder Temps Predicted
  57. President Sargsyan Pays Respects at Yerablour Pantheon
  58. Mrs. Alikian, or What is Armenia?
  59. Azerbaijan Fires 500 Rounds Across Line of Contact
  60. So Long, 2015
  61. Belgrade Court Acquits Stanko Subotic of Cigarette Smuggling Charges in Final Ruling
  62. Alaverdi Pupils Speak Out: Are School Uniforms 'Cool'?
  63. Shoushanik Yerevans Optimistic Balloon Seller
  64. Sargsyan Sends New Years Greetings to Faculty/Students of Armenian Schools in Syria
  65. Unbreakable Bond: 10 Year-Old Davit and Grandfather to Usher in the New Year in Mayisyan Village Animal Barn
  66. Narek the Collector: Wants to Open a Proper Museum in His Native Horom Village
  67. Azerbaijani Sniper Kills Artsakh Army Soldier
  68. Artskah-Azerbaijan Border Relatively Calm
  69. Two Suspects Arrested in Yerevan Gas Station Armed Robbery and Murder
  70. Investigative Committee Launches Dec. 6 Referendum Vote Fixing Criminal Investigation
  71. Armenian Customs Officials Seize Gold Jewelry Smuggled from Turkey
  72. Carlos Melconian Appointed President of National Bank of Argentina
  73. Azerbaijan Cross Border Fire Has Decreased, Says Artsakh Ministry
  74. Russia Raids Homes of Open Russia Employees, Arrests Khodorkovsky in Absentia
  75. Armenian PM Talks Energy with Georgian Deputy PM
  76. Henrikh Mkhitaryan Named Armenia's Best 2015 Footballer
  77. Drug Monopoly in Armenia: Testing Center Wields Powerful Boycott Regarding Imports
  78. Yerevan Gets $163.1 Million 2016 Budget
  79. Green 2015: ATP Plants 230,000 Trees in Armenia and Artsakh
  80. Azerbaijan Fires 2,000 Rounds Along Artsakh Line of Contact, Says Ministry
  81. Samvel Konsoulyan of Lori: Foraging the Forest to Feed His 5 Kids
  82. Help Clear Artsakh of Landmines: Donate Today!
  83. 78 Year-Old Mrs. Asya: If I sleep, just for an hour, Id go hungry.
  84. $35.2 Million in Additional Tax to Be Levied, Says Inspectorate Head
  85. Serzh Sargsyan Presides at CSTO Meeting in Moscow
  86. Edward Nalbandian chaired CSTO Council of Foreign Ministers meeting
  87. Mother's Tetsimony Leads to Criminal Investigation Into Death of Soghomon Kocharyan
  88. Armenian Parliament Prez Calls for Minute of Silence to Honor Fallen Artsakh Soldiers
  89. Armenian FM Nalbandyan On Today's Sargsyan-Aliyev Meet: Two Sides Remain "Not Close"
  90. OSCE Minsk Group: Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan Continue Engagement on Settlement Proposals
  91. Armenian Defense Minister Leaves for Artsakh to Assess Recent Military Escalation
  92. Former Armenian Deputy Defense Minister Arrested on Suspicion of Aiding Criminal Gang
  93. Artsakh Soldier Killed During Firefight with Azerbaijani Forces
  94. Prison Notes: Yenokyan and Former American Prisoner, Freed 16 Years After Wrongful Conviction, Exchange Observations on Lapses in Judicial Systems
  95. Hetq a 3 Time Winner at Suitcase 2015 Migration Journalism Awards Ceremony
  96. GeoProm Mining CEO Talks Biz with Amenia PM Abrahamyan
  97. Murder Trial of Russian Soldier Permyakov Starts in Gyumri
  98. 3 Artsakh Soldiers Die: 2 While Repulsing Azerbaijani Attack
  99. US Court Sentences Russian Nuclear Official in $2.1 Million Bribery Scheme
  100. Former President Arrested on Corruption Allegations
  101. Investigative Committee Throws out Bribery Claim by Local HAK Election Committee Member
  102. Former PM Tigran Sargsyan Partially Wins Slander Suit Against Businessman Hayrapetyan
  103. Artsakh Military Repels Azerbaijani Incursion and Inflicts Casualties
  104. 1st Section of North-South Highway to Open by End of December, Says Deputy Minister
  105. Sargsyan, Aliyev, to Meet in Switzerland
  106. Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire 180 Times, Reports Artsakh Ministry
  107. Europol Arrests 12 in Crackdown on Trojan Horse Cyber Crime Across Europe
  108. Citizen Office opens in Tumanyan Municipality, Armenia
  109. China, Egypt imprison record numbers of journalists
  110. Unibank Creates Modern Data Processing Center
  111. Heightened tensions between Russia and Turkey do not impact NATO relations with countries of the South Caucasus
  112. Nagorny Karabakh: ICRC Submits Updated List of Missing Persons
  113. Lifers at Noubarashen Penitentiary Renew Hunger Strike: Demand Case Review
  114. Yerevan State Medical University Students Conduct Free Medical Exams in Berd
  115. Artsakh Refutes Azerbaijani Claim That It Killed 3 Armenian Soldiers
  116. Georgia: Land Grab Penalties Forgiven
  117. Australian Court Pulls Nurofen from Shelves: Pain Killer Sold In Armenia
  118. Moscow Rejects Navalny Suit Against Prosecutor Chaika
  119. Yerevan Police Detain Liberty Square Sit-Down Striker
  120. Hayk Kyureghyan Ends 26 Day Prison Hunger Strike
  121. Armenia's Investigation Commission Launches 12 Criminal Cases Linked to Dec. 6 Referendum
  122. MP Postanjyan and Parliament VP Sharmazanov Have Verbal Tiff
  123. MP Postanjyan Chides Parliament For Not Discussing Dec. 6 'Criminal' Referendum
  124. U.S. Embassy Welcomes Commitment of Armenian Government to Investigate Referendum Irregularities
  125. Another Artsakh Soldier Killed by Azerbaijani Sniper
  126. Yerevan: Artaks Green Tank Comes to a Halt Outside National Security Service
  127. FBI Busts Romanian Investor for Bribery of US Air Force Major
  128. Serbia: Members of International Cocaine Trafficking Group Receive Lengthy Prison Terms
  129. EBRD Gives 8 Million Euro Loan for Yerevan Solid Waste Landfill
  130. Syunik Governor Gears Up to Operate Voskedzor Gold Mine
  131. Father of Hayk Kyureghyan Issues Warning About His Son's Deteriorating Health in Prison
  132. Ukraine Toxic Chemical Clean-up Under Investigation
  133. EU Financing: Armenias Government Not Always Answerable to Donor Organization
  134. Azerbaijani Gunfire Kills Artsakh Soldier
  135. Armenia's National Football Squad Gets New Head Coach
  136. Russias Use of Soft Power in Armenia to Maintain Influence
  137. Yerevan Resident Karineh Hovsepyan: This is a cave; we are cave dwellers
  138. Police Detain Four Sit-Down Protesters in Yerevan
  139. Human Rights Office in Yerevan Hit with Paint: Anonymous Group Calls for "Bold Action'
  140. Yerevan Cops Nix "New Armenia Front" Tent; Marchers Detained
  141. UN Secrestary General: "Today we reaffirm our commitment to protecting human rights as the foundation of our work"
  142. Armenia: The Curse of Education Reform
  143. Bulgaria: Ministers Classmate Wins Bids for Expensive SUVs, Website Says
  144. OSCE Representative urges authorities in Armenia to ensure journalists rights to report in a free and safe manner
  145. Fraud, Theft and Money Laundering Totaled $1.1 Trillion in 2013, Says Report
  146. Azerbaijan: Court Releases Famed Human Rights Activist
  147. Armenian President;"Best way to pay tribute to the memory of the innocent victims of this most horrendous crime is the united fight against genocide"
  148. Armenian PM: 'Together We Can Make Armenia Flourish Economically'
  149. Azerbaijani Sniper Fire Kills One Artsakh Soldier
  150. Kremlin Foe Khodorkovsky Defies Summons to Moscow in Criminal Case
  151. MP Postanjyan Suggests Mock Funeral for Syunik Governor
  152. U.S. Embassy Gives 'Thumbs-Up' to Passage of Constitutional Change Referendum
  153. PACE: Armenias Constitutional Referendum Driven by Political Interests, Not Public Welfare
  154. Preliminary statement on the conduct of the Constitutional Referendum Citizen Observer Initiative and European Platform for Democratic Elections Republic of Armenia
  155. Edward Nalbandian and Federica Mogherini announced the launch of negotiations on Armenia-European Union framework agreement
  156. Serbia: 16 kg High-Purity Heroin Seized at Bulgarian Border
  157. Yerevan Resident: 'Others Voted in My Name and For My Son Living Overseas'
  158. HAK Declares Boycott of Parliament
  159. Artskah FM On Working Visit to USA
  160. Armenia Referendum: Yes 63.35% - No 32.35%
  161. 2015 Referendum: 50.1% of Eligible Voters Went to the Polls
  162. Ajapnyak Precinct Prez - 'Someone voted in your name? Vote in someone else's'
  163. Duplicate Voting: A Quick Costume Change Is the Key
  164. Kasakh Village: 178 Residents Registered at One Apartment
  165. 'Enough Already' - Republican Party Proxy Seizes Hetq Reporter's Computer
  166. Seryozha from Margara: "I voted yes because I heard the kolkhoz would reopen"
  167. Polls Open in Armenia for Constitutional Change Referendum
  168. New Armenia Front Claims its Supporters were Attacked in Yerevan's Liberty Square
  169. December 6 Referendum: Most Common Voting Violations and How to Prevent Them
  170. 2,550,323 Voters Eligible to Participate in December 6 Referendum
  171. Building on a Shaky Foundation
  172. Robots Inc. and AmeriaBank Introduce Worlds Best Robots in Yerevan
  173. AmeriaBank Crowned Best Armenia Bank 2015
  174. 68% of Foreign Nationals in Armenian Prisons Hail from Georgia, Russia and Iran
  175. Artsakh Repulses Azerbaijani Incursion; One Armenian Soldier Dies
  176. $325 Million Investment to Restart Amulsar Gold Project
  177. December 6 Referendum: Report Violations to Hetq
  178. CSTO Foreign Ministers meeting was held in Belgrade under the chairmanship of Foreign Minister of Armenia
  179. New EU programme for culture and creativity was launched in Armenia
  180. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Message on International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
  181. Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire 50 Times, Says Artsakh Defense Ministry
  182. Armenia: 27% of High School Grads Continue Education
  183. U.S. Embassy Hosts One Health Master Class Workshop for Armenian Medical, Scientific Experts
  184. OSCE Monitoring: No Violations Reported
  185. Police Don't Know What They Paid for Devices Measuring Window Tint
  186. New Armenia Front to Hold Another Public Rally in Yerevan This Evening
  187. Macedonia: Newly Formed Special Prosecution Launches Its First Two Corruption Cases
  188. Izmir - Nights of Refugee
  189. Armenian Defense Minister Hosts New Iran Ambassador
  190. Constitutional Change in Armenia: Venice Commission Heads Give Tentative Thumbs-Up
  191. Companies Owned by Vanadzor Mayor Get Lucrative Road Repair Contracts
  192. Unknown Individuals Break Into Heritage Party Office in Kapan
  193. Opposition Group Says Police Preventing People From Reaching Yerevan to Attend Rally
  194. Ukraine: MP Reveals Documents Detailing Bribery Case Against Yatsenyuk Ally
  195. Serbian Wanted in Germany for Computer Crime Detained at Zvartnots Airport
  196. Police Announce 'Increased Presence' for December 1 Opposition Rallies in Yerevan
  197. Armenian FM to Attend 'Resolute Support' Meeting in Brussels
  198. Appeals Court Sustains 9 Year Sentence of Hayk Kyureghyan
  199. Armenian Agricultural Minister Calls for Greater Produce Exports to Russia
  200. Biography of Sahag Mnatsagan Kasardjian from Sis (1840-1912)
  201. New Armenia Front Stages Rally in Gyumri: Calls for Peaceful Civil Disobedience
  202. Garbage Dump Sustains Yerevan Family: We arent beggars or thieves. We need work
  203. Armenia's Police to Spend $416,000 to Send Referendum Notices Via Post
  204. Brazil: Police Investigating Killings of 3 Journalists
  205. EU Financed Programs: Armenias Ministries More Interested in Self-Praise Than Financial Disclosure
  206. Students in Some Lori Province Villages Have to Walk 3-10 Kilometers to School
  207. Armenian Minister: Basturma and Sujukh Exports to Russia Now Permitted
  208. Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Telethon Raises $10,378,465
  209. VimpelCom Negotiating Near-Record US$ 775 Million in Bribery Penalty
  210. Saving Money at a Natural Gas Pump Costs Lives
  211. Yerevan Residents Protest Outside Government Building: Demand Housing Compensation
  212. Police Say They Have Arrested Suspect in Yerevan Shooting Death of Bank Employee
  213. New Armenia Front to Hold Rallies in Gyumri and Vanadzor
  214. Italy: Journalists Put On Trial Over Vatican Leaks
  215. Wiretaps Raise More Questions About Bulgarian Courts
  216. Criminal Gang Had Maps of Yerevan and Gyumri, Says National Security Service
  217. New Armenia Salvation Front Says Regime Is Trying to Link It With Criminal Gang
  218. Ukrainian International Airlines Will Double the Frequency of Flights
  219. Armenian Foreign Minister Hosts Serbian Defense Minister in Yerevan
  220. Artsakh President Convenes Census Working Group
  221. Criminal Gang Arrested in Yerevan: Large Weapons Cache Seized
  222. This Institution Never Serves The Purpose It Supposedly Has
  223. Qatar Airways to Operate Flights to Yerevan
  224. No State Money to Renovate Schools in Armavir Province: Principals Reluctant to Talk to Reporters
  225. Actress Varduhi Varderesyan Dies in Yerevan
  226. Former Byureghavan Boarding School Director Charged with Torture, Embezzlement
  227. No Reply from Ministry; Noubarashen Inmates Resume Hunger Strike
  228. Balkan Organized Crime Sets up in Prague
  229. All-Armenian Funds 2015 Phoneathon Raises Over 1.3 Million Euros
  230. Ten Shirak Communities to Hold Local Elections
  231. Armenia's Military Drafts 7,269 During Summer Conscription
  232. Armenia Takes Silver at European Team Championship
  233. Have Something to Say? Contribute to Hetq!
  234. Harput - Missionaries
  235. Journalists Sue European Parliament in Historic Freedom of Information Drive
  236. Macedonias Special Prosecutor: Mystery Woman, Big Job
  237. Bulgaria: Ultranationalist MP Arrested and Released on Bail
  238. Referendum Run-Up in Armenia: "Yes" Camp Using Administrative Resources
  239. Footprints: Home Renovation in Yerevan
  240. Armenias 2106 Budget: While Certain Medical Assistance Drops, 100 Million AMD in Compensation for Russian Military Aircraft in Armenia
  241. Kalashnikovs Used in Paris Terror Attacks Were Made in Bulgaria
  242. Solving Armenias Garbage Dilemma: 15 Communities Have Been Sorting Trash for Five Years
  243. HAK, ARF and OYK to Vote Against 2016 Draft Budget
  244. USAID and Smithsonian to Launch Cultural Tourism Project in Armenia
  245. Grand Candy Vardanyan Brothers Pledge 60 million AMD to Hayastan Fund
  246. Court Battle: Javakhk Armenian Charges Georgian Authorities with Discrimination Based on Nationality
  247. Hungary: Pressure on PMs Son-in-Law Intensifies as EU Probes Tenders
  248. Review of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP): stronger partnerships for a stronger neighbourhood
  249. Prosperous Armenia MP Calls for Shake-Up Regarding Economic Policy
  250. Landmine Free Artsakh Clears Tchartar of Unexploded Cluster Bombs