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  1. Azerbaijan Violated Karabakh Ceasefire 40 Times Last Night
  2. Armenia's Human Rights Defender Sends Delegation to Troubled Military School
  3. Hungary: Company of Orbans Son-In-Law Bought Property In Government-Promoted Industrial Park
  4. Are We Ready to Listen?
  5. 17th Issue of Bonds by National Mortgage Company Placed at NASDAQ OMX Armenia
  6. New postage stamp dedicated to the national cuisine
  7. Yerevan Parking: Some Protest and Get Their Fines Thrown Out
  8. Francophonie Summit expressed support for the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
  9. Yerevan Court Denies Bail for Sasna Dzrer Member Martiros Hakobyan
  10. Armenia's Prime Minister Discusses Greater Economic Cooperation with Chinese Ambassador
  11. Azerbaijan Violates Karabakh Ceasefire 30 Times Last Night
  12. OSCE to Conduct Karabakh LoC Monitoring
  13. Foreign Language Yerevan: Capitalism Speaks English
  14. For Every Mistake Theres a Price to Pay
  15. Hayastan All-Armenian Funds 19th Telethon Raises $15,428,777
  16. European Parliament Passes Resolution to Freeze EU Accession Talks with Turkey Until it Halts Repression
  17. Lydian Armenia Secures $24 Million Credit Facility from AmeriaBank for Amulsar Project
  18. Armenian Prime Minister Discusses Telecommunications Investment with VimpelCom Group
  19. AmulsarMine: It is Absolutely Unacceptable to Endanger Lake Sevan for Any Gold in the World
  20. Hungary: OCCRP Partner Investigation Sparks Police Probe
  21. Banana Price Drops in Armenia, Says Importer
  22. Armenian Prime Minister to Join Ruling Republican Party; Gives Seven Reasons Why
  23. Armenia's Agriculture Minister Wants to Join Ruling Republican Party; Says He's a Team Player
  24. Kazakhstans Arvest Art Gallery: Armenian Operated but Multicultural in Scope
  25. From Moscow to Artsakh: Armen and Svetlana Move to the Village of Tzar
  26. Yerevan State University: Profligate Spending Leads to Millions in Debt
  27. Member of CoEs Committee for the Prevention of Torture: Corruption Remains a Problem in the Armenian Prison System
  28. Armenia: Past and Present Government Officials Clamor to Operate Gladzor Mine
  29. Austria: Boss of Russian Gang Allegedly Behind 60 Murders To Be Extradited
  30. Armenia: Exports Up, Imports Down When Compared to 2015
  31. Armenia's Disapora Ministry Wastes Money on Yearbooks: More Than Half Collecting Dust
  32. President Sargsyan Meets Head of PACE European Conservatives Group
  33. Armenia: 1,800 Students Sent Home Due to Flu
  34. Mining Tourism? An Open Letter - PAEF
  35. Living Under Lake Sevan: 11 Member Family Tries to Stay Dry and Healthy in Karakert Village Apartment
  36. Armenia's Agricultural Minister Hosts IFAD Monitoring Delegation
  37. Azerbaijan Violates Karabakh Ceasefire 90 Times Over Weekend
  38. Divorced Mom Seeks Child Support Owed Her; Accuses Court Bailiffs of Negligence
  39. Armenia's Heritage Party Convenes Political Council Special Session
  40. MP Pashinyan Calls for Ad-Hoc Committee to Probe Revenue Sources of Top Officials
  41. Kazakhstan: MP's Son Arrested for Bribery
  42. Special Prosecutor Investigates Secret Service for Illegal Wiretapping
  43. The EU Bank and Armenia Sign Agreement Related to the EUR 12 Million to Support Construction of the North-South Road Corridor
  44. United States: JP Morgan Pays $264 Million for China Jobs-For-Brats Scheme
  45. Artist Tigran Asatryan: You must endure the best you can and not get up and leave
  46. New Karabakh Poll: More Favor Independence Over Unification with Armenia
  47. ONEArmenia's Second Annual Santas Wanted! Campaign Kicks Off
  48. Yerevan: Two New Stamps Dedicated to the Sergey Paradjanov Museum
  49. Armenian Soldier Found Dead; Gunshot Wounds to Head
  50. Romania: Election Monitor Head Detained for Influence Peddling
  51. China: Corruption Fugitive Returns After 13 Years on the Run
  52. Going through the Motions? Defense Ministry Takes "Soldier Tax" Bill to Public Council
  53. Azerbaijan Violated Karabakh Ceasefire 35 Times Last Night
  54. Armenian Parliament Passes Controversial 1,000 AMD "Soldier Tax" Bill
  55. Director of EuFoA Urges EU to Prevent Baku from Launching Offensive Against Artsakh
  56. Corruption in Armenia: New Report Confirms Citizens Believe its Systemic
  57. Russia: Supreme Court Throws Out Navalnys Conviction
  58. Yerevan Court Denies Bail to Two Sasna Dzrer Members: Extends Their Detention by 2 Months
  59. Armenia, Moldova Lift Visa Requirements
  60. U.S. Embassy Brings U.S. & Armenian Companies Together to Make Mining Sustainable
  61. State Committee Discusses Issues Facing Armenia's Tatev Monastery
  62. New Head of Armenia's Food Safety Service Promises "Fair but Strict" Enforcement Program
  63. Azerbaijan Continues to Shell Artsakh Army Defensive Positions
  64. Kazakhstan: Journalist Detained for Extortion
  65. OCCRP's Patrucic Receives Knight Journalism Award
  66. Russia: Economy Minister Arrested for Bribery
  67. Armenian Defense Ministry Holds Public Debate on Planned "Soldier Tax" with Unnamed Intellectuals
  68. Taking Care of Soldiers: Armenia's Government Cries Poverty; Wants to Mandate New Tax
  69. Raising Local Awareness: Yerevans SunChild International Environmental Festival
  70. Azerbaijan Continues to Fire Mortar and Grenade Rounds Along Karabakh Border
  71. Three Musts for Todays Investigative Journalist
  72. Romania: 50 Indictments in Alcohol Tax Fraud Case
  73. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Former Interior Minister Detained
  74. The Right of People of Nagorno-Karabakh to Self-Determination in the Light of the ICJs Advisory Opinion on Kosovo
  75. Artsakh Foreign Ministry Launches Official Channel in Telegram
  76. Armenia's Defense Ministry to Organize Debates on 1,000 AMD "Compensation Tax"
  77. MP Zurabyan: Money to Assist Injured Soldiers Should Come from National Budget
  78. Talish Family, Displaced by April War, Decides to Return to Artsakh
  79. Azerbaijan Fires Mortars and Grenades Across Karabakh LoC
  80. All-Armenian Fund Builds Kindergarten in Artsakh's Karin Tak Village
  81. Artsakh Military Refutes Azerbaijani Allegation It Fired Mortars: Calls for Frontline Monitoring
  82. Artsakh Soldier Dies After Being Shot; Circumstances Unknown
  83. Armenia Comes from Behind to Beat Montenegro 3-2 in World Cup Qualifier
  84. Artsakh Threatens Retaliation to Suppress Intensified Azerbaijani Aggression
  85. Russia: Hackers Target Financial Sector
  86. Italy: Police Bust Alleged International Drug Trafficking Ring
  87. Azerbaijani Intensifies Shelling Along Northeastern Line of Contact
  88. Armenian PM Meets with EU Ambassadors; Says Armenia Needs "Injection" of European Culture
  89. Artsakh President Congratulates Trump on Presidential Victory
  90. Hetq Reporter Wins 1st Prize in Religious Tolerance Media Competition
  91. Armenian 9th Grader Awarded a Certificate by Universal Postal Union
  92. Clan Obiang: The Eastern European Network of an African Dictator
  93. US: Brooklyn Suspects Linked to Eastern European Organized Crime Syndicate
  94. Kazakhstan: Accused Fraudster Returned After Lengthy Stay in the Balkans
  95. Small Theater: The One Square Meter Festival at Yerevans NPAK
  96. Armenian Prime Minister: Officials Statistics Must Be Accurate
  97. Crunching the Numbers: Armenias Population Drops from 3.5 to 2.9 Million Since 1990
  98. UNICEF Appoints Footballer Mkhitaryan as Goodwill Ambassador in Armenia
  99. Armenia: Wealthiest Get Richer, Poorest Remain Poor
  100. Young Misho from Nor Geghi: Cleaning a Grave to Take Care of His Sick Father
  101. Armenian President Flies to UAE on Official Visit
  102. Armenia Issues Special Stamp Dedicated to Presidential GIT Award for Outstanding Contribution to Humanity Through IT
  103. Return of the Russophobes: Markar Melkonian Responds to Reader Comments
  104. Anna Abrahamyan, Daughter of Former Armenian Prime Minister, Buys Apartment in Luxury Black Sea Coast Skyscraper
  105. Armenia's Bookmakers Paying More in Taxes This Year
  106. HayPost and RIA Money Transfer awarded the October monetary prizes
  107. Syunik's New Governor: A Lexus, A Harley, and 5 Expensive Watches
  108. Head of Armenia's Food Safety Service Urges Russia to Drop Food Import Restrictions
  109. Armenian Defense Minister Plans to Increase Aid to Families of Dead and Disabled Soldiers
  110. Yerevan Mayor Sacks 3 Kindergarten Directors for Not Providing Adequate Heating
  111. Armenian Defense Minister Welcomes OSCE Support to Fight Corruption in Army
  112. Italian Foreign Minister to Visit Armenia
  113. Armenia Advances at 2017 UEFA European Under-17 Championship
  114. Chulpan Khamatova Joined the Aurora Prize Expert Panel
  115. Yerevan: Local Initiative Works to Curb Use of Plastic Shopping Bags
  116. Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Continues to Build Homes for Large Families in Artsakh
  117. Movie Review: Kyank ou Kriv (The Line)
  118. Hayk Seeks Money for Fathers Vital Heart Surgery: We dont need clothes or food
  119. Opposition Armenian National Congress Discusses Upcoming Convention
  120. Azerbaijan Violates Karabakh Ceasefire 40 Times Last Night
  121. Armenian President: 'A Successful Woman Alongside a Successful Man"
  122. Armenian Prime Minister in Artsakh for Talks
  123. Armenias Prime Minister Seeks to Boost IT; Meets with Sector Reps
  124. Former Health Minister Elected Yerevan State Medical University Rector
  125. Azerbaijani Forces Fire DShK Heavy Machine Gun in Artsakh
  126. Armenian Prime Minister Seeks Greater Control of Paid Parking/Speed Camera Companies
  127. NKR Ministry Of Defense Refutes News of Targeting Civilian Areas
  128. U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Meets with Armenian President
  129. Serbia: OCCRP Partner Complains of Intimidation
  130. Akhaltskha House of Lusineh Zakaryan for Sale: Fate Remains Undecided
  131. Poghosyan and Relatives Questioned in Offshore Business Case: Armenia Requests Legal Aid from Panama and Switzerland
  132. From California to Armenia: Whos Assisting Syrian-Armenians in Terms of Money and Relocation?
  133. Armenian Feminists Decry Lack of Women in Global Armenians' New York Times Ad
  134. Armenian Copper Programme Cries Poverty: Wants Another 5 Years of Liberal Exhaust Permits
  135. Going to School is a Luxury for 15-Year-Old Shahen from Armenias Kouchak Village
  136. Armenia and Greece Seek to Strengthen Relations and Economic Ties
  137. Largest 1,000 Taxpayers in Armenia Pay $1.1 Billion In First 9 Months
  138. Activist Yenikomshian: Elections a Sham in Armenia, Civil Insurgency Is Needed
  139. Contractor Involved in Yerevan Print House Demolition Fined $2,100
  140. Artsakh Army Disrupts Pre-Assault Operation by Azerbaijan
  141. Halloween in Yerevan (photos)
  142. Armenian Prime Minister: Yerevan Print House Demolition Legal; Controlled Explosion Flawed
  143. Armenia: Return of the Russophobes
  144. Armenian Soldier Dies On Route to Hospital
  145. Armenian PM Nalbandian Flies to Jakarta for Meetings
  146. Artsakh Army Repels Azerbaijani Demining Operation
  147. Former Armenian Minister of Economy: $13,000 for Round-Trip Yerevan-Washington D.C Air Ticket
  148. Montenegro: Trial Begins for Investigative Reporter Martinovic
  149. Italy: $84 Million Worth Of Cocaine Found Bobbing At Sea
  150. Armenian PM Attends Council of CIS Heads of Government in Minsk
  151. New Head of Armenia's State Revenue Committee Has Deep Pockets
  152. Armenian Defense Minister Discusses Military Cooperation with Iranian Ambassador
  153. The Future for Global Armenians Is Now
  154. Prime Ministers of Armenia and Russia Meet in Belarus
  155. Son of MP Karo Karapetyan Registers Company in Prague: Can Now Buy Property
  156. Armenian Government to Pay Families of Those Killed in Russia Bus Crash $3,155 Each
  157. Armenian Prime Minister: 'Some Rivers Have Too Many Hydro Plants'
  158. Armenian Government to Allocate $42,000 in Tuition Aid to Syrian-Armenian Students in Armenia
  159. Businessman Complains to Prez and PM: Ministry Voids Demand for $1.2 Million in Environmental Compensation
  160. Statement by the Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group
  161. Italy: Police Arrest 7 In Dark Web Child Porn Ring
  162. Russia: Jail Extended for Fortune Teller in Embezzlement Case
  163. Azerbaijani Fire Kills Artsakh Soldier
  164. ArmenTel Demands $3.7 Million in Damages Due to International Call Swindle
  165. President Sargsyan Praises Armenian Jewellers at World Jewellery Conference
  166. Armenia Seeks Greater Ties with National Iranian Gas Export Company
  167. EducationUSA Armenia to Host Official Reps from U.S. Institutions
  168. 95% of Broadband Internet Market in Armenia Controlled by 5 Companies
  169. Armenia Improves Ranking in World Bank's "Doing Business 2017" Report; Comes in 35th
  170. Demonstration Tomorrow in Yerevan to Stop Amulsar Gold Mine
  171. 65 Individuals Face Charges for Armed Seizure of Yerevan Police Building in July
  172. Armenian FM Discusses Karabakh with Minsk Group Co-chairs
  173. Armenian MP Owes Over $6,600 in Car Tax and Penalties
  174. Azerbaijan Fires 250 Rounds Across Karabakh Line of Contact
  175. Siroush Hovsepyan of Dsegh: Village Life is Good for Matriarchs Family
  176. Armenias Prime Minister: Government and Society Must Build Mutual Confidence
  177. Director of Young Journalists' School in Yerevan Charged with Murder
  178. Two Young Energy Deputy Directors: One is Prime Minister's Son-in-Law
  179. Armenia: Trade Volume Decreases by 5.7% in First 3 Quarters of 2016
  180. Sevan
  181. 23 Year-Old Is the New Mayor of Azatashen; Takes Over from His Uncle
  182. Azerbaijani Forces Fire Istiglal Long Range Sniper Rifles
  183. NKR Foreign Minister met with the EU Special Representative
  184. Mother of Armenian MP Enfiajyan in the Hydro Power Plant Business
  185. Russia: State Firm Exec Detained for 1 Billion Ruble Embezzlement
  186. Armenia and Georgia Exchange Best Practices in Export Controls
  187. Gyumri Mayor Acquires 3 Private Homes "Overnight"
  188. The Conservation of the Gospel of Tsughrut
  189. SIS Slaps Freeze on Yenikomshian's Bank Account
  190. Crowdfunding to Clear a Minefield in Karabakh
  191. Artsakh Defense Army Repels Attempted Azerbaijani Incursions
  192. AEJ Joins Media and Human Rights Groups Protesting Turkeys Extension of Emergency Laws
  193. U.S. and Armenia Continue Cooperation to Prevent Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  194. Armenian Minister Promises New Social Programs Despite Budgetary Burden
  195. Five More Yerevan Buses Outfitted with Wheelchair Lifts
  196. Armenian Prime Minister Issues Food Safety Directive
  197. 8th Pan-Armenian Conference of Journalists Kicks Off in Yerevan
  198. Garo Yegnukian: "What is most incomprehensible is the position of the US Ambassador to Armenia"
  199. Armenia's Parliament Passes Bill Allowing Publication of Signed Voter Rolls and Live Coverage of Voting
  200. Romania: Former Deputy Central Bank Governor Indicted
  201. Italy: Organized Crime Family Goes All-In on Maltese Gambling
  202. New Bill to Mandate Increased Internet Security for Armenian State Agencies
  203. Armenian Parliament to Convene Special Session
  204. Armenia's National Football Squad Gets New Head Coach
  205. Armenia's Prosecutor General Unwilling to Seriously Combat Election Fraud
  206. OSCE to Conduct Karabakh Line of Contact Monitoring
  207. United States / Russia: Court Dismisses Lawyers in Magnitsky Fraud Case
  208. Armenia's Human Rights Defender and USAID Rep Discuss Domestic Violence
  209. Sevan Van Crash Kills One, Injures Nine
  210. Aurora Humanitarian Initiative and IRC to Support Syrian Refugees
  211. October 14 CSTO Statement Regarding Karabakh Conflict Settlement
  212. Armenia's HRD and UNHCR Rep Discuss Financial Aid to Syrian-Armenian Refugees
  213. FOI Laws A Global Success Story
  214. Australia: Two Polish Men Charged Over One-Tonne MDMA Seizure
  215. UWC Dilijan Student Spearheads Re-Apaga Electronic -Waste Recycling Campaugn in Armenia
  216. Armenia Human Rights Panel Concludes in Washington
  217. MP Pashinyan: 'Potato farmers supplying defense ministry getting bum deal'
  218. Vanadzor Grandmother Doesnt Have Money to Send Her Two Grandsons to Yerevan for Military Medical Exams
  219. Investigators Claim that Artsakh Soldier Was Shot and Killed by Another
  220. Yerevan Half Marathon 2016
  221. Yerevan Half Marathon. Kids Run
  222. 23 Years Behind Bars: Armenian 'Lifer' Goes on Hunger Strike
  223. Artsakh Soldier Shot and Killed: Circumstances Unknown
  224. Armenia NGO Reps and Justice Ministry Officials Discuss Domestic Violence Bill
  225. Armenia's ANQA Becomes Member of CHEA International Quality Group
  226. IDeA Foundation Contributes $ 250 000 and Launches Fundraising for Syrian Armenians
  227. Deadly Bus Crash in Southern Russia 3 Russians, 2 Armenians Killed
  228. Serzh Sargsyan Meets with Visiting Tajikistan President Rahmon
  229. Armenian Prime Minister Issues Directives: One Deals with Nepotism in School Hiring
  230. Armenian Minister: Government Has Reduced Social Risks to a Minimum
  231. The Colors of Vanadzor
  232. Azerbaijan Violates Karabakh Ceasefire 55 Times Last Night
  233. Armenias Vanadzor Marketplace Looking for Shoppers
  234. Artsakh MP Khanoumyan: Government Must Do More to Resettle Syrian-Armenian Refugees
  235. People with Hearing Disabilities Protest in Yerevan; Demand Resignation of NGO President
  236. $30.7 Million in Humanitarian Aid to Armenia in First 8 Months of 2016
  237. Armenian Soldier Killed in Artsakh
  238. Hayastan All-Armenian Funds Builds Community Center in Artsakh's Toumi Village
  239. Book on Medieval Armenian Block Print Fabrics Hits Stores
  240. Former Kolkota Armenian School Manager Sends Protest Letter to CatholicosKarekin II
  241. Arts & Culture Freelancers
  242. Armenia Investment Forum Launched in New York
  243. Dilijan Selected as Part of UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities
  244. New Gyumri Council Reelects Samvel Balasanyan as Mayor: 16 Members Stage Protest Boycott
  245. The Bardakjians from Aleppo: It was raining bombs
  246. Samtskhe-Javakheti - Georgian Parliamentary Election Results: 3 Armenians Elected, 4th Possible
  247. Romania Trounces Armenia in World Cup Qualifier: Its Bye-Bye Time for Armenian Coach Sukiasyan
  248. "Georgia Dream-Democratic Georgia" Wins Parliamentary Elections; Henzel Mkoyan Reelcted in Javakhk
  249. Yerevan Celebrates Its 2,798th Birthday
  250. IDeA Foundation Will Financially Support Efforts to Bring Syrian-Armenian Refugees to Armenia