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  1. Aznavour's 1st Visit to Armenia: Producing a Memento in Secret
  2. Armenian Military Medics Trained by U.S. Peers
  3. Newly Appointed Belarus Ambassador Submits Credentials
  4. Armenia Producing More Copper Despite Drop in International Price
  5. His Holiness Aram I Hosts the New Ambassador of Greece to Lebanon
  6. Artsakh Army Repels Azerbaijani Incursion Attempt
  7. Yerevan Kowtows to Washington: Appeasement in Iraq, Slaughter in Syria
  8. Dersim - Ottoman Era Armenian Schools
  9. Armenia Defense Ministry Received $45 Million in Support from the USA and China
  10. Hungary Launches 'Border Hunter' Units to Block Refugees, Bulgaria Takes Fright
  11. Woman Dies from Snake Bite: Family Accuses Hospital of Negligence and Ministry of Lying
  12. Azerbaijan: Ismayilovas Lawyers Seek Acquittal in Closing Statements
  13. Sargsyan Discusses Constitutional Changes with ARF Reps
  14. IDeA and Regional Development Foundation of Armenia sign Memo of Cooperation
  15. Modern Classroom Opens Doors at Armenia's Military Police HQ
  16. Sargsyan Discusses Constitutional Changes with Prosperous Party Reps
  17. Prosecutor Generals of Armenia and Georgia Met in Tbilisi
  18. Romania: OCCRP Partner Probes President Iohannis over Undeclared Rents
  19. Armenia: Average Wages Up; So is Inflation
  20. Armenia Produced 4.4 Billion kWh of Electricity in First 7 Months of 2015
  21. Armenia 2015: Births and Marriages Down; Suicides Up
  22. Teghout CJSC Wants to Expand Operations; Seeks Geological Study Permits
  23. Uzbekistan: More Karimova Associates Arrested in Corruption Probe
  24. The Sunset of the Union
  25. Bosnia and Herzegovina: 8 Suspected IS Fighters Plead Not Guilty
  26. Arrest of Guinean Official Implicated in Illegal Animal Trade; Signed Export Permits for Armenia as Well
  27. Four Azerbaijani Soldiers Killed Over the Weekend, Reports Artsakh Defense Army
  28. Famer Elected Mayor of Spandaryan in Shirak
  30. Come September, Nairit Workers to Stage Demonstrations Demanding Reopening of Plant
  31. Four Citizens of Armenia Die in Georgian Highway Accident
  32. Armenia's Economic Activity Index Up 4%; Agriculture Biggest Gainer
  33. Slovakia: 3 More Convicted in Trafficking Ring
  34. Trade in Exotic Animals Jumps in Armenia: Government Conveniently Covers its Eyes
  35. Private Ambulance Service in Yerevan Gets 600-650 Calls Daily
  36. Yerevan Police Detain Gevorg Safaryan, Reports Founding Parliament
  37. Lunchtime Talks at USC: Decades after Genocide is Justice possible?
  38. Tougher Times for Armenia's Cheese Producers
  39. Canadian Prime Minister Meets Syrian Armenian Refugee Family
  40. No Decrease in Price for Gas; New Monopolies for Gazprom Armenia
  41. Relief in Sight: Temps to Fall 7-11 Degrees
  42. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Journalists Trace Property of Politician's Family
  43. Azerbaijan: Supporters Protest Against Ismayilovas Detention Outside Courtroom
  44. Open Call Wrap-Up: 190 f\Farmer Groups Submitted Applications as Part ENPARD Armenia Project
  45. U.S. Ambassador Visits IT Infrastructure Development and Implementation Department of the Armenian Ministry of Finance
  46. A Yezidi Wedding in Armenia: Groom Hits the Bride with an Apple to Make Her Obey
  47. Aurora Prize Pledges Its Support to World Humanitarian Day
  48. Tavoush Province: Armenias Legal and Illegal Garbage Dumps
  49. September School Bells - What Parents Have to Spend
  50. Armenia to Exchange 'Secret Info' with Eurasian Economic Union Countries
  51. Vicken Cheterian: 'Kurds replaced the Armenians'
  52. Vegetable Oil Production in Armenia Continues to Fall
  53. Quarter of a Million Tourists Visit Armenia in Spring of 2015
  54. Moldova: Air Traffic Company Must Pay Electric Bill to Ukrainian Company
  55. Turkey: Erdogan Threatens Tit-for-Tat in Extradition Row with Germany
  56. Summer Vacationing in Armenia Remains an Expensive Proposition
  57. A Trace of President Hollande in Yerevan
  58. Bus Carrying Children Flips Over; 9 to Hospital
  59. Not Enough Water in Azad River to Build World Bank Financed Irrigation Project
  60. Musical Luminary Vatsche Barsoumian Reflects on His Haigazian University Experience
  61. Montenegro: Police Arrest 13, Including City Mayor, in Abuse of Office Probe
  62. Uzbekistan: US Seeks to Seize $1 Billion of Assets in Karimova Corruption Probe
  63. The Story of One House: From a small dream to great happiness
  64. Safety Lapse: What Causes Automobile Gas Tank Explosions and Deaths in Armenia?
  65. Bang, Bang - Ministry Announces New Hunting Season Regulations
  66. 40 Times More Apricots Warehoused This Year in Armenia
  67. Reconstruction is for the Brave Inhabitants of Artsakh's Vurgavan Village
  68. HRHN Condemns Sentencing of Azerbaijani Civic Activists Leyla Yunus and Arif Yunus
  69. An Online International Magazine is Launched
  70. Armenian Community of Argentina to Hold Armenian Genocide International Conference
  71. Russia: Giant Aquarium to Open September Despite Embezzlement Scandal
  72. Moldova: Record Heroin Seizure at Customs Post Stopped on Way to EU
  73. Armenian Defense Minister: 'Situation Along the Border Under Control'
  74. Yerevan's Karen Demirchyan Complex Sold for $30 Million: New Owner to Pump In $100 Million
  75. New Park in Downtown Yerevan By Year's End
  76. Diabetes Patients in Armenia Still Receiving Indian Drug Despite Importation of French Brand
  77. Yeraskh Road Accident Kills 1, Injures 9
  78. ARF Calls for Restraint, Re-Engagement in Turkish-Kurdish Peace Talks
  79. European Commission Approves Billions to Combat Illegal Migration
  80. Russian Military Court Sentences Soldier Charged in Gyumri Murders to10 Years
  81. Family of Artsakh Soldier Killed by Sniper Seeks Housing Improvement Assistance
  82. Armenia Bans Certain Bulgarian Juices
  83. Thousands in Armenia Get Free Medical Screenings
  84. Armenia Foils Two Azerbaijani Border Incursion Attempts
  85. Solar Power Proves a Successful Energy Alternative in Armenias Basen Community
  86. OSCE Representative condemns killing of journalist in Azerbaijan, calls on President Aliyev to ensure safety of journalists and free media
  87. Germany: Court Forces Newspaper To Unpublish Military Docs
  88. Tracking the Billions Stolen in Azerbaijan: An OCCRP Interactive Tool
  89. First Team of Female De-miners Deployed in Artsakh
  90. Armenian Mineral Water: Huge Reserves, Untapped Potential
  91. Armenia Produces Whiskey: MP Aleksanyan Selling 1 Liter Bottles for $2.40
  92. Champagne and Wine Production Up This Year in Armenia
  93. Tensions Flare in Tabatzghour: Police Arrest Three, Villagers Blockade Road
  94. Khadija Ismayilova Didnt Do It, Says Original Accuser at Trial
  95. Azerbaijan: Journalist Dies of Injuries from Beating
  96. Ukraine: Fugitive Former Ecology Minister Zlochevsky Owns Fashion Store in Kyiv
  97. Bulgaria: Former Spy Chief Becomes Countrys First Top Official Jailed for Corruption
  98. Nork Infectious Diseases Hospital Hit with Criminal Negligence Charge
  99. Armenian Defense Minister Visits Military Units on North-Eastern Border
  100. World Bank Advises Shut Down of Nairit; Government and Employees Oppose the Idea
  101. Four Armenians Reported Killed in August 8 Plane Crash in Russia
  102. New Out-Patient Clinic in Shatin, Vayots Dzor
  103. Ukraines Former Agriculture Minister Took Harley-Davidson as a Bribe
  104. Aram I Hosts WCC and MECC Reps in Antelias
  105. Yerevan: Soviet Idealism to Soviet Reality
  106. Artsakh Army Takes Countermeasures to Quell Azerbaijani Firing
  107. Romania: Court Rejects Appeal by Lukoil Managers Against Charges for $2 Billion Fraud
  108. Azerbaijan: First Family's Russian Dacha
  109. PM Abrahamyan Meets with UITE Reps; Says Government Pays Attention to IT Sector
  110. 1960s Rocket Program Launches Haigazian University into the History Books
  111. Pan-Armenian Athletes Get Day Off Tomorrow
  112. Membership Benefits? Armenias Exports to EEU Countries Plummet
  113. Ukraine: Police Seize Tons Of Amber And Cash In Illegal Mining Crackdown
  114. Croatia: Attack on Journalist Investigated as Attempted Murder
  115. US State Department Inflated Uzbekistans Human Trafficking Rating
  116. Ambassador Hints that Japan Might Invest in Armenia's North-South Highway
  117. Armenia's Football Squad Climbs 1 Spot to 88th Globally
  118. Cyprus Ambassador and Aram I Discuss Middle East Politics
  119. St.Karapet Church, in Vahan Teryan's Native Village of Gandza, Undergoes Renovation
  120. Serbia: Police Arrest a String of Suspected Human Traffickers
  121. Leyla Aliyevas Little Getaway in the Piney Woods
  122. Yerevan Police Looking for Suspect in Wallet Theft
  123. Anthrax Case Leads to Temporary Ban on Importation of Meat for Personal Use at Border Crossings
  124. Armenian Defense Minister Thanks Outgoing Belarus Ambassador
  125. Minister Zakharyan Wont Respond to Inquiries from Nairit Factory Workers
  126. Armenia Seeks Legal Assistance of Foreign Governments Re: Prosecution of Largest Drug Bust
  127. United States: No Proof of Knowing Misconduct by Congressmen on Trip Paid by Azerbaijan, Says Ethics Report
  128. Dilijan Park's Bldan River Area Gets Much Needed Clean-Up
  129. $8.7 Million in Paid Auto Insurance Claims in Armenia
  130. AmeriaBank Is Largest Bank Taxpayer in Armenia
  131. Stay or Leave? - Aleppos Asmaryan Brothers Attempt Agricultural Venture in Artsakh
  132. Medical Mystery: Disabled Patient Claims Malpractice, Doctors Say They Never Touched Him
  133. The Ambulances of Armavir Province: Some New, Some Quite Old
  134. Moldova: New PM Elected, Vows to Tackle Missing Billion Bank Crisis
  135. Criminal Investigation Launched Into Death of Cesarean Patient
  136. Speaking Hands: Artsakh Tackles Issue of Educating the Deaf
  137. Armenia's First Deputy Defense Minister Awards Outgoing OSCE Officer with Medal
  138. $108 Million in Private Money Transfers to Armenia in June; Drop of 23.2% From 2014
  139. 540 Babies Born in Yerevan Last Week
  140. Three Former Aleppo Classmates Now Work at Same Yerevan Company
  141. Yerevans Access Ramps: Many are Non-Functional and Just Plain Dangerous
  142. Tumanyans Ice Box: A Must Have Item for the Hospitable Writer
  143. Italy: Police Seize Assets of Accused Mobster in Old Yugoslav Arms Case
  144. Artsakh Defense Army Suppresses Azerbaijani Cross Border Firing
  145. Donald Trump, US Presidential Candidate, Linked to Controversial Azerbaijani Oligarch
  146. Shopping in the U.S. Becomes Easy for Armenias Residents with New Shop-In-America Service
  147. Young Yazidi Refugee from Iraq: We felt it best to come to a Christian country like Armenia
  148. Sales of Private Homes in Yerevan Slump 24.2%
  149. Lunatic Crap or the Devils Dung?
  150. Azerbaijan Continues to Violate Line of Contact Ceasefire
  151. Romania: Record Heroin Seizure 'Biggest Since the Nineties'
  152. US: Global Magnitsky Act Passed to Senate
  153. Acceleration Program of Microsoft Innovation Center offers unique opportunities to Armenian startups
  154. Annotating Yerevan
  155. French Ambassador Charpentier: Orange Ownership Change Was a Business Deal
  156. Armenian Health Minister Visit Akhalkalak Medical Center
  157. U.S. Embassy Makes Additional Visa Appointments to Armenia Citizens on Saturday, August 15
  158. The Intelligence Officer Back from War; 20 years in Prison
  159. Ban Ki-moon Calls for Vigilance on World Day Against Trafficking in Persons,
  160. Foreign Grants Received by Armenias Ministry of Culture
  161. "Shame, Shame": Nairit Plant Workers Again Demonstrate for Back Wages
  162. Gyumri Kindergarten Temporarily Closed Due to Lack of Water
  163. Privatization Agency Official in Deal with ?ari? Associates
  164. England: Albanian Drug Dealer Claimed to be Interpol Crime-Fighter
  165. Gulbenkian Grant Helps Update Armenian Jerusalem Project
  166. Towards Lifelong Freedom
  167. 2014 Saw Uptick in Downward Trend of Births in Armenia's Lori Province
  168. Resurrection: Building of Soviet Yerevan
  169. Croatia: Court Overturns Prison Sentence of Ex Prime Minister
  170. Yerevan Municipality Renovates Unsafe Apartment House Balconies
  171. Artsakh Refutes Azerbaijani Claim Regarding Downing of Drone
  172. Artsakh Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Raises Missing Persons Issue with ICRC Representatives
  173. Armenia's 6 Insurance Companies End First Half of 2015 with Profit
  174. Azerbaijan: Meydan TV Boss Condemns Family Harassment as Brother-in-Law Arrested
  175. Russia: $126 Million Stolen From New Cosmodrome, Says Prosecutor
  176. Kazakhstan: Corruption Trial of Former Prime Minister Begins
  177. Tbilisi Court Rejects Suit Filed by Tabatzghour Residents Against MP Ayvazyan; Will Appeal
  178. Armenian Prime Minister Declares "War on Corruption", Then Visits Son's Business Partner
  179. Armenian Prime Minister Hosts Swiss-Armenian Businessman Sirmakes
  180. Armavia: Falling from Grace
  181. Armenia Maintains Tier 1 Status in the 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report
  182. Artsakh Military Responds to Azerbaijani Firing Along Line of Contact
  183. Armenia in 9th Place in Terms of Tourist Scam Destination
  184. Government Houses Patients with Psychological Problems Next to Refugees from Azerbaijan
  185. Armenia, Debtor Nation Who Is Owed and How Much? (Part 2)
  186. Azerbaijan Continues Intensive Firing Along Line of Contact
  187. State of Rio de Janeiro Recognizes Armenian Genocide
  188. Two Pillars Keep Haigazian Standing Strong Throughout the Years
  189. Power of Ideology in the Urban Landscape
  190. Electricity Output in Armenia Up This Year
  191. Wages and Inflation Up In Armenia
  192. Armenian President Takes Short Vacation
  193. Armenia Refuses Extradition Request by Driver in Country's Largest Drug Seizure
  194. Russia: Deputy PM Owns US$ 18 Million Flat in London, Navalny Says
  195. Grand Theft Moldova
  196. Armenian PM Off to Georgia: Will Inspect Kazbek Border Crossing
  197. Shady Deal: Ardshininvest Banks $9.1 Loan to a Company Registered in the Seychelles
  198. Romania: Police Roust Alleged Drug Traffickers Out of Sewers
  199. Russia: Suspect In Vodka-King Murder Case Claims Torture
  200. Disabled Artsakh War Vet, Serving a Life Sentence, Raises Conditional Release Issue
  201. New Ministry Purchases $204,000 in Furniture
  202. Artsakh Military 'Silences' Intensified Azerbaijani Firing
  203. Russia: Paper Says Capellos $35 Million Buyout More Than Twice First Reports
  204. Italy: 51 Arrested in Multi-National Online Gambling Ring
  205. Price Drop Elicits Protest: Akhlatyan Villagers Dump Milk Onto Streets
  206. American-Armenian Delegation Presses State Dept. to Close Gaps in Aid Delivery to Syrian Armenians
  207. Orange Armenia For Sale: ViavCell and ArmenTel Always Paid More Taxes
  208. Azerbaijan Intensifies Firing Along Artsakh Line of Contact
  209. Orange Group Entered into Exclusive Discussions with Ucom
  210. Armenia, Debtor Nation Who Is Owed and How Much?
  211. Hungary: Scandal-Tarred Tax Chief Resigns
  212. Haypost International A New Bridge between Armenia and the USA
  213. Russia: Weapons Trafficking Ring Dismantled
  214. Armenia, Israel Aviation Reps Discuss Measures to Increase Air Traffic
  215. Financially Strapped Electric Networks of Armenia Has Allocated Millions to Luys Foundation
  216. IDeA Foundation and EBRD to Support Projects Aimed at Infrastructure and Tourism Development
  217. If Ucom Buys Out Orange Armenia Its Internet Subscriber Base Will Equal Beeline's
  218. Intensive Firefights Along Artsakh Line of Contact
  219. Uniting Church in Australia Recognizes Armenian Genocide
  220. From Silicon Valley to Aragyugh: Margosyans to Produce Natural Line of Cosmetics Using Botanicals of Armenia
  221. UK: 11 Sentenced in Hungarian Sex Trafficking Case
  222. The Gentrified City?
  223. Cassation Court Returns, on Technical Grounds, Appeal to Change Vardan Pertosyan Sentence from 5 to 6 Years
  224. Serzh Sargsyan Received Today The President of the European Council
  225. Armenia Has Exported 18,787 Tons of Apricots So Far This Year
  226. Government Service Pays Off: The Millionaire Marzpets of Armenia
  227. UK: Anti-Corruption Euro-MP Jailed For $500,000 Expenses Fraud
  228. Hetq Reporter Petrosyan Wins 'Local Governance' Coverage Award
  229. President Sargsyan Hires New Press Secretary
  230. The Gentrified City
  231. Adviser to Armenia's PM Fails to File Financial Disclosure; Isn't Censured
  232. US: MH17 Victims Sue Pro-Russian Separatist Leader For $900 Million
  233. Forcing Journalists to Disclose Confidential Sources Infringes Work of Media in Armenia, OSCE Rep Says
  234. Faulty Focus: Prime Minister Should Ask Why Foreign Carriers are Pulling Out of Armenia
  235. Yerevans Deadly Elevators: A Maze of Confusion in Which No One is Held Accountable
  236. Armavia: Armenias Greatest Aviation Disaster
  237. 23 Years In Jail: Convict Claims Police Tortured Him Into Confessing and Shot Him in the Back
  238. Take the Stairs? Newest Elevator in Vanadzor 27 Years Old; Oldest 46
  239. Artsakh Threatens Retaliation if Azerbaijani Planes Cross Border
  240. Foreign Minister Hosts Armenian Assembly of America Delegation
  241. 34 Year-Old Man Shot Dead in Yerevan
  242. Light Showers Forecast for Most of Armenia
  243. Belarus Wanted To Use USB Sticks to Infect Devices and Collect Data
  244. Artsakh President Visits Sports Camp
  245. Central Asia: Hacking Team OKd Spyware Show For Turkmenistan Secret Police
  246. Shirak: Connected Companies Still Receiving Millions in Government Work Contracts
  247. Azerbaijan Using Heavier Weapons on Artsakh Line of Contact
  248. United Kingdom: Sham Marriage Trade Continues: OCCRP
  249. The Murky Business of an Israeli MP in Bulgaria
  250. Gyumri: A City of Statues, But at What Cost to Struggling Taxpayers?