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  1. Government Allocates $21,000 for Armenian-Russian Youth Conference
  2. Construction to Start on Chinese Language School in Yerevan
  3. Pre-Parliament Organization Claims Yerevan Police Beat One of Its Supporters
  4. 2014 Sees Increase in Reported Cases of HIV/AIDS in Armenia
  5. Armenian Parliament Passes Bill Modifying Circulation Law: Small Business Owners Get Temporary Respite
  6. International Red Cross Seeks to Find Fate of 4,500 Who Went Missing During Karabakh War
  7. Armenian FM to Germany for Security Conference
  8. Armenia, Sweden to Establish Embassies
  9. Armenian MP Keeps Endangered Siberian Tigers as Pets: ‘Those in the wild would be jealous’
  10. Debt Ridden Armavia: Is Baghdasarov’s Financial Gambit Doomed to Fail?
  11. Artsakh Prez on Berdzor Incident - "Sadly, it proved impossible to prevent disorder and clashes"
  12. Artsakh Prez on Berdzor Incident - "Sadly, it proved impossible to prevent disorder and clashes"
  13. Armenia – KRG Keen to Establish Relations; Yerevan Opens Consulate in Erbil
  14. All In the Family: Armenian Prime Minister’s Booming Business Empire-3
  15. Head of Karabakh Opposition Party: ‘Artsakh authorities are competing to win favor of President Sargsyan’
  16. Nine Months and Counting: Decorated Artsakh War Vet Still Waiting for Military Pension
  17. Live Feed: Opposition Political Group Founding Parliament Holds Press Conference
  18. Four Armenian Soldiers Indicted for Murdering a Fellow Soldier
  19. “Broken Childhood”: 17 Year-Old Yerevan Painter Wins Holocaust Competition
  20. Four Armenian Soldiers Arrested In Killing of Another
  21. Business Owners Continue Yerevan Tax Protest
  22. Uruguayan President Jose Mujica Sympathizes with the Victims of the Holocaust and Recalls the Armenian Genocide
  23. Armenian Court Sentences Vardan Petrosyan to Five Years
  24. Body of Armenian Soldier Found Hanging in Gym
  25. Live Coverage: Business Owners Protest in Yerevan
  26. Armenia's Investigative Committee Hasn't Yet Ordered Psych Tests for Russian Soldier Charged with Gyumri Murders
  27. Armenia’s Potato Trade: Import from Holland, Export to Georgia
  28. Government Grant Distributed by ‘Secret’ Experts: Ministry of Education and Science Won’t Publish Names
  29. Minsk Group Co-Chairs Call on Azerbaijan to Observe Commitments to Peaceful Resolution of Conflict
  30. Armenian President Pays Respects at Yerablour on Army Day
  31. OSCE Chairperson Deplores Upsurge of Violence on Armenian-Azerbaijani Border and the Line of Contact.
  32. Police Seize $2.5 Million In Cocaine at Armenia-Georgia Border
  33. New Polish Ambassador to Armenia Presents Credentials
  34. Armenian President Sargsyan: ‘Armenians Empathize With Pain of Jewish People’
  35. Challenges for Art in Armenia: View from Three Contemporary Artists and an Art Curator
  36. Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire 300 Times Overnight, Says Artsakh Defense Army
  37. Pools of Wealth (Part 2): Armenia Begins to Dam the Waters Flowing to Azerbaijan
  38. Live Feed: Trial of Vardan Patrosyan
  39. Georgian Driver Sentenced to 17 Years for Involvement in Armenia's Largest Drug Bust Goes on Hunger Strike
  40. Iranian Foreign Minister Arrives Today in Yerevan for Talks
  41. Artsakh Defense Army Claims at Least 14 Azerbaijani Soldiers Killed This Past Week
  42. Endangered Bonobo Chimp Imported to Armenia Goes Missing: Preliminary Investigation Drags On
  43. Plaintiff Calls Petrosyan's Lawyer "Riff-Raff"
  44. Nowhere to Go: Landlord Issues 20 Day Eviction Notice to Armavir Family with Eleven Children
  45. Anthropologist Rejects 'Turk Remains a Turk' Adage; "All Turks aren't monsters"
  46. Two Armenian Soldiers Killed While Repulsing Azerbaijani Assault in Tavoush
  47. Japanese Minister Expresses Condolences Regarding Gyumri Tragedy
  48. Armenia’s Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanyan Addresses Parliament on Gyumri Killings
  49. Documentary Film: St. Gregory of Gagkashen Church in Ani
  50. Ukraine: Warrants Issued For Two Former Top Officials
  51. Moldovan Jailed For Selling Weapons After Offering Arms To OCCRP
  52. Armenia, Russia to Form Joint Command to Investigate Gyumri Kikkings
  53. Azerbaijani Incursion Repelled: One Artsakh Soldier Killed
  54. Court Issues Lengthy Sentences to Two Charged in Armenia's Largest Drug Bust
  55. Requiem Service for Seryozha Avetisyan in Gyumri
  56. Top Russian Investigator Reaffirms Armenia's "Auxiliary Role" in Gyumri Investigation
  57. Russia: Offices Of Navalny’s Non-Profit Searched
  58. Bulgaria: 8 Charged In Mother-Son Contract Killer Ring Bust
  59. NKR Foreign Minister Received Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office
  60. Little Seryozha Avetisyan Dies
  61. Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire 400 Times, Says Artsakh Defense Ministry
  62. Top Russian Investigator Arrives in Armenia for Talks on Gyumri Murder Prosecution
  63. Tbilisi Armenian Church Holds Requiem Service for Avetisyan Family
  64. Medical Condition of Six Month Old Gyumri Attack Survivor Worsens
  65. Capitalism Run Amok Is Just Plain Capitalism
  66. Translator of ?afak and Pamuk: “There definitely won’t be any miracles come this April 24”
  67. Turkish Media Crackdown Prompts EP Concerns
  68. Albania: Former Dictator’s Grandson Arrested In Drug Sweep
  69. President Serzh Sargsyan responds to Turkish President’s invitation letter
  70. Russian Soldier Permyakov Gets Public Defender
  71. Prosecutor Demands Six and a Half Year Sentence for Vardan Petrosyan
  72. Irish Photographer Probes “Lost Landscapes” of Armenian Diaspora Exiles
  73. The Embassy of Georgia expresses its deepest sorrow on the tragedy in Gyumri
  74. New EU assistance to Armenia of ˆ 77.5 million (44 billion AMD)
  75. Two Gyumri Nursing Home Residents Die From Smoke Inhalation
  76. Police Detain Scores in Yerevan Protest Over Russian Soldier
  77. Russia: Former Rosneft Director Shot Dead
  78. Archbishop Ajapahyan, Shirak Primate, Agrees With Protestors: 'Hand Over Russian Soldier'
  79. Live Feed from Gyumri Public Protest
  80. Yerevan Police Break Up Protest Outside Russian Embassy
  81. Gyumri Bids Final Farewell to Its Own
  82. Little Seryozha Avetisyan Remains on Life Support in Yerevan Hospital
  83. Murdered Gyumri Family Members Laid to Rest; Town Pays Last Respects
  84. Armenian Bar Association Launches Genocide Legal Journal
  85. Hundreds March on Russian Military Base in Gyumri: “Hand Over Accused Killer!”
  86. Russian Soldier Has Been Accused of Murder in Gyumri Case
  87. Live Broadcast: Gyumri Residents Demonstrate Outside Russian Army Base
  88. OSCE Karabakh Monitoring Halted Due to Shooting from Azerbaijan
  89. Now I Can Speak
  90. Vache Terteryan Appointed First Deputy TAES Minister
  91. Baby Who Survived Gyumri Attack Remains on Life Support
  92. US: "Carder" Pleads Not Guilty
  93. Romanian Senator Investigated In Forest Restitution Case
  94. Suspected Killer of Six in Gyumri Will Remain in Russian Custody
  95. Gyumri Russian Consular General: 'Yesterday's Attack a Gross Crime'
  96. Russian Soldier Murder Suspect: 'I entered Avetisyan house at random',
  97. 6 Month Old Child, Lone Survivor of Gyumri Attack, Transferred to Yerevan Hospital
  98. Soldier Suspected of Gyumri Killing Spree Now in Russian Hands, Says Shirak Prosecutor
  99. Afghanistan: US$300 Million In Aid Improperly Accounted For
  100. Yanukovych Placed On Interpol's Most Wanted List
  101. Armenian Military Unit Heads to Germany, Then Afghanistan
  102. Russian Soldier Suspected of Killing 6 Members of Gyumri Family
  103. 13 Fun and Cool Things to Do In Yerevan
  104. Yerevan Street Cleaners Protest Layoffs and Wage Infractions
  105. Russian Businessman Charged With Bribery By US
  106. Norway: Bribery Trial Linked To Gaddafi Regime Underway
  107. Artsakh Soldier and Cancer Patient Mayis: "Thank God, I welcomed the New Year with two legs"
  108. Black Robes in the Armenian Bar Association - Five Profiles of Judges in the Federal Sector
  109. One Nation, How Many Aspects of Culture? Armenian Diversity
  110. Wife of Armenia's Control Service Head Gets $200K in Loans Without Any Declared Income
  111. Earthquake Hits Armenia-Azerbaijan Border
  112. Gyumri Painter: “People don’t have money so they buy those Chinese imports”
  113. Edward Nalbandian. “Strongly condemn terrorist act committed in Paris”
  114. Artsakh Defense Ministry: Line of Contact Remains Tense
  115. Journalist Tatul Hakobyan to Head Newly Formed ANI Foundation for Armenian Studies
  116. Yerevan Reporter's Home Burgled New Year's Eve; Information the Target
  117. Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?
  118. Vladimir Putin Wins OCCRP’s Person Of Year For 2014
  119. Shopkeeper Hasmik and Santa the Cat
  120. Armenian Government Allocates $1.1 Million to Launch Program Offering Free Coronary Stents to Qualified Patients
  121. Two Armenian IT Entrepreneurs Want to Set Their Own Parameters
  122. Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire 900 Times, Says Artsakh Defense Army
  123. Armenian Judge Arrested for Pocketing $20K Bribe
  124. Minister Calls on Provincial Governors to Monitor Retail Price Hikes
  125. Dec. 27th Concert and Auction to Benefit Armenian's Politically Persecuted
  126. Azerbaijani Infiltration Attempts Repulsed, Says Artskah Defense Army
  127. Kajaran’s 2015 Miscellaneous Expenses: Cognac for Newlyweds, Flowers for the Deceased
  128. Arrested Businessman Levon Hayrapetyan's Health Worsens, Says Doctor
  129. Defense Attorneys in Armenia's Largest 'Drug Bust' Trial Demand Not-Guilty Verdict
  130. Azerbaijan Has Highest Journo Jailings Per Capita
  131. Pools of Wealth: Armenia’s Reservoirs
  132. United States will begin issuing 10-year tourist and business visas to qualified Armenians sooner than expected
  133. Offshore Labyrinth: Former Armenian PM and Church Primate Have Yet to be Questioned
  134. Study Claims 20% Drop in Breast Cancer Patients in Armenia
  135. Artsakh Soldier Killed: Cause Yet Unknown
  136. Montenegro: US Indicts 3 For Selling Guns To Colombian Rebels
  137. Hungary: ‘Meat Mafia’ Held Over US$ 20 Million Tax Fraud
  138. Vanadzor’s Derelict Park Saga: Town Council Annuls Lease Agreements after Six Years of Negligence by Tenant
  139. ERBD To Loan Armenia ˆ3.5 Million for Hrazdan Solid Waste Landfill
  140. Special Consideration? Son of Armenian Ambassador Gets Early Jail Release on Hashish Trafficking Conviction
  141. Mother Charged with Forcing Her Son to Beg on Yerevan Streets: Faces 7-12 Years Imprisonment
  142. Walnut Lovers Beware: Gyumri Price Hits $28.45 a Kilo
  143. Armenian Prime Minister: 'We will not tolerate unjustified price hikes'
  144. Armenia's National Football Squad Closes Year in 79th Place
  145. Investigative Journalists NGO Wins 1st Ever "Copy Paste" Legal Case in Armenia
  146. Armenian Prime Minister: 'We'll continue our floating currency policy'
  147. Etchmiadzin Large Store Owners, In a Tizzy Over Pricing, Close Doors
  148. Hydro-Plants vs Tourism: Battle Lines Drawn in Armenia's Syunik Province
  149. Weakening Dram Hurting Armenia’s Small-Scale Farmers; Especially Those with Bank Loans to Pay
  150. Georgian Forest Ranger's Suspicious Death: Investigation Is Not Bullet-Proof
  151. The Ghost Shipments: Police Arrest Six Over Italian Navy Oil Fraud
  152. Cross-Border Bust Reveals Ring Of 350 Romanian Sex Workers In Austria
  153. Gyumri Teacher Arrested for Demanding and Accepting $130 Bribe
  154. Prophetic Name? Syunik Governor's "Tatev Anapat" Company Building Two Local Mini Hydro-Plants
  155. Ukraine: Cops Go After Casinos, Suggest Yanukovych Connection
  156. Who's Listening In On Norway's Politicians? Probe Launched
  157. Dalarik’s Lavash Maker: Baking Bread Barely Keeps Family of Eleven Afloat
  158. Haypost and Russian Post signed an agreement to implement “Forsage” money transfer system between Armenia and Russia
  159. Akhalkalak Store Owners Demonstrate; Demand a Lifting of Fines
  160. Selective Disclosure: Armenia’s Central Bank Conceals Data on Offshore Transfers
  161. A Voice from the Homeland: A Message of Despair and Hope
  162. Hungary: Homeless People "Paid By Crime Gangs To Steal Cars"
  163. Bosnia: Eight Alleged Drug Smugglers Held In "Operation Oscar"
  164. Yerevan’s Medical University Denies Free Placement to Some Students: So Where’s the 16.8 Million AMD in ‘Savings’?
  165. U.S. Citizens Can Now Travel to Armenia "Visa Free" For Up to 180 Days Per Calendar Year
  166. 35 Armenian Local Elections to Take Place Sunday
  167. Defendant in Armenia's Biggest Drug Bust Testifies He Was Offered $100K
  168. Armenian Firm Wins "Software of the Year" Competition at GITI 20214
  169. Armenia's Human Rights Defender Concerned About Recent Spate of Attacks Against Political Opponents
  170. Trans-Atlantic Mob Swoop Hits New York's Gambinos And ’Ndrangheta
  171. Russia: 100,000 Sign Initiative Against Untraceable Wealth
  172. Two Chinese Citizens Arrested in Yerevan for Organizing Sex Trafficking Scheme
  173. Weakening AMD Has Resulted in Consumer Price Rises; Says SCPEC Head Shaboyan
  174. Armenia 3rd Most Militarized Country in World, Claims New Study
  175. Azerbaijan: Meydan TV Shuts Down As Independent Press Shrinks
  176. Masked Men Assault Artsakh War Vet in Yerevan
  177. Artsakh Brandy Headed for Havana After Winning CUBAEXPO 2014 Competition
  178. Some Javakhk Armenians Will Have to Pay $50 and Have 5,000 Lari in the Bank to Get Home
  179. Surge In Response Over Jailing Of Azerbaijani Journalist
  180. Armenian President Thanks Visiting Uruguayan VP for His Country's Lead in 1915 Genocide Recognition
  181. European Investment Bank to Lend 50 Million Euros to Promote SMEs in Armenia
  182. Opium Production In South-East Asia Hits New High
  183. Closed Border Hurting Eastern Turkey More than Armenia, Says New Hrant Dink Foundation Study
  184. Major Organized Crime Bust Explodes No-Mob-In-Rome Myth
  185. Serbia: Close To A Ton Of Cannabis Seized In Biggest Drug Bust Yet At Southern Border Crossing
  186. Court Sustains Hetq's Freedom of Information Case Against Environmental Ministry
  187. Yerevan Court Finds 13 Civil Servants Guilty of Embezzling $575K in Pension Funds
  188. Armenia’s M-6 is a Driver’s Nightmare: Dangerous Tunnels and Roadway Need Immediate Upgrade
  189. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Obama Nominee as Next Ambassador to Armenia
  190. Azerbaijan: Jailed Journalist Khadija Ismayilova's Home Searched
  191. Bread Chessboard & Pieces: A Journey of Exile and Return
  192. Arrest of journalist latest case of crackdown of free media in Azerbaijan, says OSCE Representative
  193. Azerbaijani Journalist Detained For Two Months
  194. Artsakh Farmer: ‘Here you can either serve in the army or work in agriculture’
  195. Armenia Enjoys “Net Freedom”, Says New Freedom House Study
  196. Raffi Hovannisian to Hold Civic Assembly in Gyumri Tomorrow
  197. Russia: Putin Proposes Amnesty On Offshore Assets
  198. Uruguay VP Arrives in Armenia Tomorrow
  199. Public Contracts Are Main Reason Behind Most Foreign Bribery Cases
  200. OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs: Downing of Armenian Helicopter an “Avoidable Tragedy”
  201. 85.2 Million Euro Loan by KfW Bank to Unite Armenia-Georgia Electricity Grids
  202. Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and Montenegro Citizens Can Travel to Armenia Without Visa
  203. Franck Muller CEO Vartan Sirmakes to Finance "Hin Yerevan" Construction Project
  204. Holiday Chocolate Drive for Armenia's Border Village Children
  205. Armenia Ranks 94 Out of 175 in Transparency International Corruption Index
  206. Turkey And Bosnia Slip In Fight Against Corruption, Says New Transparency International Index
  207. Croatia: Zadar’s “King Fish” Questioned Over Graft
  208. Single Mom of Six: “Children are innocent but they are the ones who suffer”
  209. Bosnia: Bilal Bosnic, 'Terrorist Leader,' Released By Court
  210. Macedonia: Police Skeptical Of Passport Fraud
  211. Armenia's Central Bank: Promises to Stabilize a Weakening AMD
  212. Alaverdi Father of Seven: 'Artificially Terminating a Pregnancy is Murder'
  213. Nairit Rubber Plant Workers to Picket Presidential Office Tomorrow
  214. Artsakh Parliament Prez Meets U.S.Minsk Group Co-Chair in Washington D.C.
  215. Moldova: Pro-EU Parties Lead Elections
  216. UK Firms Probed Over Multi-Billion Dollar Money Laundering Scam
  217. Battle Scarred: Artsakh Soldier On the Long Road to Recovery After Repelling Azerbaijani Incursion
  218. Renovations to Armenia's Ancient Odzoun Church Completeted
  219. Court Will Hear Appeal by Lifer Soghomon Kocharyan to Reopen Murder Case
  220. OSCE to Monitor Artsakh Line of Contact Tomorrow
  221. Bolivia's Parliament Recognizes 1915 Armenian Genocide
  222. Armenia's Central Bank to Spend $226K on 30 Car Fleet in 2015
  223. Latvia: Prison System Plagued By Violence
  224. Armenian Government Grants Amulsar Go-Ahead to Lydian International
  225. New Ministry - New Minister for Armenia
  226. Moldova: Pro-Russia Party Banned From Elections After OCCRP Expose
  227. Croatia: ‘Salami King’ Probed For Wartime Embezzlement
  228. Cars Belonging to Opposition Group Torched in Yerevan: Criminal Charges Launched
  229. Armenian Energy Minister Floats Idea of International Tender to Re-Launch Nairit Rubber Plant
  230. Hemolytic Anemia Strikes Ptghavan Siblings; Family Can’t Afford Proper Treatment, Says Desperate Mom
  231. Karabakh Telecom Manager Charged with Stealing $1.729 Million in Calling Cards
  232. Turkey: Media Ban On Corruption Case ‘Protects Thieves’
  233. Ghana: Alleged Smuggler’s UK Arrest Breeds Cocaine Scandal
  234. Romania: Chief Prosecutor Resigns Over Abuse Of Power Allegations
  235. France: Total Faces Trial Over Iran Deals
  236. Goris Apiarist: ‘Beekeeping Isn’t Difficult, but It’s Still Hard Work’
  237. Two Defendants in Armenia’s Largest Drug Bust Declare Their Innocence
  238. A Shady $600 Million Power Plant: Armenia Strikes Deal with Offshore Company
  239. Dalarik’s Plight: “The people don’t have bread to eat. They are building a church. Go figure”
  240. Armenia's Foreign Minister in Sweden; "Azerbaijan is clearly losing its sense of reality"
  241. SOCAR Chief’s Son Practices "Charity" With Government Funds
  242. "A more blackened garden" - Thomas de Waal's Book Now in Turkish
  243. Hetq’s ‘Listen to Our Voices’ to be Screened Nov. 26
  244. Monte Remembered: Notes From Prison
  245. Catholicos Aram I Hosts Armenian Ambassador to Lebanon
  246. The Ups and Downs of Tobacco Farming in Artsakh; This Year’s Drought Cut into Profits
  247. Portugal’s Former PM Arrested At Airport
  248. China: Top General Caught With Ton Of Cash
  249. Armenia's Central Bank: Devaluation of the Dram Will Assist Country's Exports
  250. UK: 34 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized, Pilot Arrested