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  1. Large Fish Farm in Armenia Goes Bankrupt
  2. 450 Organizations Take Advantage of Border Community Tax Law
  3. A Mothers Death: Criminal Case Dropped Due to Medical Examination Board Screw-Up
  4. Gagik Jahangiryan: Constitutional Change Ill-advised Before Having an Independent Judiciary
  5. Germany Deports Nina Back to Armenia: "There's no war there"
  6. EU Enlargement Report: Western Balkan States Must Tackle Organized Crime and Corruption
  7. Yerevan Rant: When Ignorance Frames the Public Discourse
  8. Dig the Truth with a Soul of a Gambler, Says Seven-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner
  9. U.S. Ambassador Richard Mills at AmCham Meeting - "My 1st priority is to deepen business/trade relations"
  10. England: Smugglers Crash Drone into Prison Exercise Yard
  11. Mom, when money falls from the sky will you buy me a toy?
  12. Five Armenians, Injured in Nov. 3 Bus Crash, Still Being treated in Russia
  13. Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire 60 Times, Reports Artsakh Ministry
  14. Armenian PM Hosts Zohal Construction Company Reps from UAE
  15. Romania: Police Arrest Mayor of Fire Tragedy District
  16. Soghomon Kocharyan to b Buried at Yerevan's Yerablour Military Cemetery
  17. Six Samples of Poultry Sold in Yerevan Stores Found in Violation of Health Standards
  18. New Ambassador of Venezuela Presents Credentials to Armenian Foreign Minister
  19. Tit for Tat in Armenian Parliament: "Why are you annoyed Mr. Ayvazyan?"
  20. Renovation of Vardenis - Martakert Road to be Completed by End of 2016
  21. Belgrade: A Mayor Helps a Father
  22. Gov't Will Likely Pay 1 Million AMD to Families of Those Killed in Nov. 3 Bush Crash
  23. Kapan, Areni, Named Best Communities in Armenia
  24. Armenia's HAK Calls for Fair Televised Debate on Constitutional Change Issue
  25. Armenian Construction Minister: Yerevan to Have New Circus by End of 2016
  26. Armenia: Cradle of Winemaking
  27. Soghomon Kocharyan Dies; Only Enjoyed 15 Days of Freedom
  28. NATOs Role and Importance for the South Caucasus Region
  29. Azerbaijan Fired 10,000 Rounds Last Week, Says Artsakh Ministry
  30. Georgia: Upheaval At Top TV Station As Managers Suspended
  31. Number of Armenians Killed in Russian Bus Crash Rises to Nine
  32. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia held a meeting with Deputy Secretary of State
  33. Bosnia: Salafist Leader Gets Seven Years for Recruiting Boys to Islamic State
  34. Bulgaria: Police Protests Paralyze Cities and Divide Opinion
  35. Business Innovation Forum 2015: A platform, where the international experience and Armenian innovation policy figures meet
  36. Continued Destruction of Jiliza Forest; HayAntar Top Brass Incommunicado
  37. New Air Accident in Africa; Armenian Pilots and a Former Armenian Plane Involved
  38. Case Closed: Police Hand Over Information to Hetq in Court
  39. Over 2.5 Million Eligible Voters 30 Days Before Referendum Vote
  40. The Gevorgyans of Loukashin: Priorities Involved When Raising Six Children
  41. Thriving Goat and Dairy Operations Showcase Benefits of U.S. Commitment to Boosting the Armenian Agricultural Sector
  42. 90 Year-Old Dounya Sargsyan: After a Lifetime of Teaching, She Still Embroiders
  43. Eurasia Development Bank to Loan Armenia $300 Million
  44. Armenian Gov't to Pay for Funerals, Medical Treatment of Bus Crash Victims
  45. Human Rights Defender Calls on Vardashen Inmates to End Hunger Strike
  46. Armenia's National Football Team Drops to 127th Place Worldwide
  47. Bakhshyan Calls Yerevan Street Parking Company 'Financial Terrorists'
  48. But What Are You For?
  49. Ex Russian Spy Turned Humanitarian Helps Himself
  50. Yerevan Scribbles: Constitutional Mumbo-Jumbo, or Why My Head Nearly Exploded!
  51. Romania: Prime Minister Ponta Resigns Amid Protests Over Nightclub Fire
  52. Russia: Billion Dollar Laundromat Chief Busted at the Dinner Table
  53. NKR Foreign Minister Met with the Special Representative of the European Union
  54. Court Verifies Paternity of Kids Who Moved To Armenia From Mongolia
  55. Armenian Government Continues Policy to Fill State Coffers with Fines and Penalties
  56. U.S. Embassy: Approved Visa Applicants Won't Have to Return to Embassy to Pick Up Passport
  57. Remains of 8 Armenians Killed in Bus Crash to be Flown to Yerevan Tomorrow
  58. Nicaragua's Newly Appointed Ambassador to Armenia Presents Credentials
  59. Istanbul Panel: Combating Discriminatory Discourse
  60. Pensions, Salaries Up In Armenia, According to Official Stats
  61. OSCE Monitoring to be Conducted Along Artsakh Border
  62. Former Armenian PM Says Some Businesses Must be Monopolized Due to Strategic Importance
  63. Kajaran Medical Center: 16 Patients Contracted Hepatitis-C Due to Cost Cutting
  64. Armenian Minister to Head Delegation to Fatal Russian Bus Crash Site
  65. President Sargsyan Sends Condolences to Families of Those Killed in Bus Accident
  66. Tinted Car Windows Cause Accidents, Says Armenia's Traffic Police
  67. Armenia Participates in London's World Travel Expo
  68. Bus Accident in Russia Kills Eight Citizens of Armenia; Dozens Hospitalized
  69. Hetq to Join New Network for Investigative Journalism Launched in Berlin
  70. Panel Discusses Plan to Save Ararat Aquifer: Record Over-Consumption in 2014
  71. Today is International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists
  72. Armenian Finance Minister: 'President Sargsyan Didn't Lie About Tsarukyan's Businesses'
  73. Orange Armenia Subscribers Will Get Mobile Internet in Artsakh at 45 AMD/MB
  74. Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire 200 Times, Says Artsakh Ministry
  75. The Family Tree and Biographical Information of the Kasardjians of Sis
  76. Constitution Change Debate in Sevan: Speakers Mostly See Negatives
  77. Chaos, Fraud Mar Bulgarias Local Election and Referendum
  78. Online Banking Little Used In Armenia: Some Banks Face Security Issues
  79. PMs of Armenia and Russia Discuss Federal Cooperation Issues
  80. Zhora Hovhannisyan from Vanadzor: 14 Time World Senior Freestyle Wrestling Champ
  81. PMs of Armenia and Tajikistan Meet in Dushanbe
  82. Ukraine: Kyiv Court Seizes Billionaire Kurchenko's 14 Offshore Accounts
  83. Moldova: Government Ousted by Parliament Amid Graft Scandal
  84. Suspected Mobster Rattled by Explosions in Bulgarian Capital
  85. Information Deficiency: Public in Armenia Knows Little Regarding Foreign Grants Received by Government
  86. Azerbaijan Fires 1,200 Rounds in One Day, Reports Artsakh Ministry
  87. Artsakh in Autumn: Serving on the Frontline
  88. 100 LIVES Joins Near East Foundation to Announce $7 Million Scholarship Fund
  89. In London Serzh Sargsyan Pertakes in Ceremony to Commemorate Holy Armenian Genocide Martyrs
  90. Swiss Authorities Freeze Accounts of Ex-Russian Minister of Agriculture
  91. Man Vs Machine: How the Automobile Changed Yerevan
  92. Living in Limbo: Residents of the Loukashin Dormitory
  93. US Investigators Expand Deutsche Bank Money-Laundering Probe into Russian Trades
  94. Belgrade: The Mayors Free Land
  95. Potato Crop Grows in Armenia; Potential for Export
  96. Yerevan: Living in the Dog House
  97. Six Children Treated for Mushroom Poisoning
  98. President Sargsyan Discusses Nuclear Safety with German Expert
  99. Armenia: Drop in Myocardial Deaths Reported
  100. Restored Diesel Locomotive in Armenia; 1st in 25 Years
  101. Dynamics in Russias Nationalism and the South Caucasus
  102. Catholicos Garegin II Consecrates Church in Sweden
  103. Armenian Foreign Minister Hosts Minsk Group Co-Chairs; Cites Azerbaijani Violations
  104. Five Connected Companies Monopolize School Construction in Armavir
  105. 1,997 Polling Precincts for Dec. 6 Constitutional Change Referendum
  106. OSCE Minsk Group to Visit Nagorno Karabakh Republic for Monitoring
  107. Azerbaijan Violate Ceasefire 120 Times, Says Artsakh Defense Ministry
  108. Garni Health Center: Experienced Physicians Make Up For Lack of Modern Equipment
  109. Armenian Gasoline Giant CPS Never Fined $100 Million; Case Appears Closed
  110. Fishing Rights at Stake: Will Residents or Vardan Ayvazyan Eventually Win?
  111. Why is Bulgarian Investigative Journalism Site Bivol Being Attacked by Other Media?
  112. The Same Show: Making Legal and Moral Unaccountability Commonplace in Armenia
  113. Romania: Police Seize a Million Euros Worth of Heroin
  114. Acceleration Program involves 14 startups, developing innovative solutions
  115. New Feature Documentary Pierces Veil on Armenia's Corrupt Election Process
  116. Hetq Wins Freedom of Information Suit Against Prosecutor General's Office
  117. Moldova: Businessman Sentenced in Missing Billion Case
  118. Relatives of Those Serving Life Highly Doubt Their Petition Will Ever Reach Justice Minister
  119. Armenian Refugee Families From Azerbaijan to Receive Ownership of Residences
  120. Unprecedented Court Decision: Soghomon Kocharyan, Serving Life Sentence, Released for Health Reasons
  121. Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire 60 Times, Says Artsakh Ministry
  122. Master Blacksmith Rafik: We hammer bread from iron
  123. Vatican to Investigate Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Catholic Priest in Javakhk Armenian Village
  124. No essential progress was made in legislative and law enforcement aspects of public procurement system in Armenia
  125. Armenias New Abattoirs Remain Underutilized; Animals Still Slaughtered In Unsanitary Conditions
  126. From Wild Flowers to Personal Adornments: The Gisaneh Success Story
  127. Armenias Constitutional Court, Regarding Source Confidentiality, Finds in Favor of the Press
  128. EBRD Allocates 1.9 Million Euro Grant to Improve Yerevan Street Lights
  129. Artsakh Defense Minister Hosts International Red Cross Official In Stepanakert
  130. Police Arrest Seven on Cocaine Trail that Leads from Costa Rica to New York and Italy
  131. NKR Foreign Minister Received the ICRC Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  132. Protestors Give Montenegro PM Djukanovic Six Days to Resign
  133. Belgrade: The Mayors Hidden Property
  134. Mother of Seven Boys: We always thought of moving to Armenia
  135. HAK, People's Party of Armenia Form Joint Command to Oppose Constitutional Changes
  136. Hackathon [YAN] - feast or contest
  137. Tatev Cable Car Has Ferried 430,000 Passengers in Five Years
  138. Ottoman Armenian Traces: The George Djerdjian Photo Collection
  139. Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire 150 Times Over Weekend
  140. Azerbaijan Violated Ceasefire 900 This Week, Reports Artsakh Ministry
  141. Russian Soldier Permyakov Also Charged with Armed Robbery in Addition to Gyumri Murders
  142. Moldova: Ex-Prime Minister Detained over Missing Billion Case
  143. Armenian President Attends CIS Heads of State Council in Kazakhstan
  144. Artsakh Defense Ministry Reports 120 Azerbaijani Ceasefire Violations
  145. ECHR Confirms 1915 Massacres and Mass Deportations of Armenians
  146. Ukraine: Ex-Head of Security Service Accuses President's Ally of Money Laundering
  147. Azerbaijan: Court Rejects Ismayilova's Appeal amid Growing International Dissent
  148. Armenia Allocates $1.8 Million for Constitutional Change Referendum
  149. Company Promises 'Safe Mining' to Arjout Residents Despite Planned Use of Cyanide
  150. Constitutional Amendments in Armenia? Who Cares!
  151. President Sargsyan Addresses Genocide Symposium- Today, We Demand Justice
  152. On Armenias Border: Childhood Under Fire
  153. Smear campaign against investigative journalist
  154. Moldova: Police Chief Took Bribe from Drug Trafficker, Says Russian Report
  155. Dr. Arslanyan from Aleppo: All His Patients at the Sevan Polyclinic Get a Kind Word and a Smile
  156. Some Experts Claim that Alternative Energy is a Luxury for Armenia
  157. Strengthening Cooperation: Armenia Signs Documents with Six African Nations
  158. Serbia: Dragoslav Kosmajac Charged for Land Registry Offense after Drug Probe Fails
  159. Spain: Police Break up 'Huge Human Trafficking Ring' in Barcelona
  160. Italy: UniCredit Vice-Chairman Suspected of Mafia Links
  161. 50 Prisoners Serving Life Sentences in Armenia Declare Hunger Strike; Demand Case Review
  162. New Armenia Public Salvation Front to Launch Civil Disobedience to Remove President Sargsyan
  163. Race Against Time: Archeologists Dig at Karmir Blur Site Before Road Construction Begins
  164. Artsakh Wine Festival on October 17 in Togh
  165. Azerbaijan Violated Ceasefire 300 Times Over Weekend, Says Artsakh Defense Ministry
  166. A True Salt of the Earth: A Tribute to Watertown's Mayram Gulbahar Gigiyan Cinar
  167. Stories from Balkans, Latin America, Ukraine Win Shining Light Award
  168. Googles Expert Top Research Techniques
  169. Challenges Faced When Reporting on Development Issues
  170. How To Create a Secure Leaks Platform
  171. Ukraine: Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk's Ally Accused of Graft
  172. Visualizing Investigative Journalism
  173. Skybox: A Tool to Help Investigate Environmental Crime
  174. Top 10 Data Research Tools for Investigative Journalists
  175. Artsakh Army Repels Attempted Incursion of Azerbaijani Reconnaissance Unit
  176. Digital Production with Manual Interventions: Cafesjian Center Exhibits Ard?an Works
  177. Armenian Bar Association Concerned Over Suppression of Political Speech during Current Deliberations on Constitutional Reform in Armenia
  178. Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian met Secretary of State for European Affairs of France Harlem D?sir
  179. EU to Allocate 880,000 Euro to Armenia's Chamber of Control to Improve Audit System
  180. Artsakh Ministry Says Azerbaijan Violate Ceasefire 90 Times
  181. France Bests Armenia in Football Friendly 4-0
  182. David Kaplan: We Are Changing This World One Story At a Time
  183. Prosecutors Probe TeliaSonera Ex-CEO over Uzbek Telecom Corruption Claims
  184. GIJC15 Declaration on Journalist Safety
  185. Food Aid 'Scam': Bulgarian Bank Tangled in Romanian Anti-Corruption Probe
  186. Recycling Plant Planned for Armavir; 33 Million Euro Project Approved
  187. President Sargsyan Participates in Ceremonies Marking 2,700th Etchmiadzin Anniversary
  188. Democratic Party of Armenia Opposes Constitutional Change Bill: "Poses Threat to National Security'
  189. Aknashen Mother of Six: Whats important isnt the tomik but the love and warmth inside
  190. Russia: FSB 'Draws Up Plans to Conceal Property Ownership Data'
  191. Energy Minister and Rosatom Head Discuss Metzamor No. 2 Power plant
  192. 84% of Armenia's Fruit and Veg Exports to Russia
  193. Azerbaijan Reverts to Small Arms for Ceasefire Violations
  194. Shady Past: New Owner of Karen Demirchyan Complex Faces Bank Fraud Charges in U.S.
  195. Slovenia: Heads Could Roll at Bad Bank in Overpayment Row
  196. Montenegro: Anti-Government Protests Spread Across Montenegro
  197. Ameriabank and CR2 Sign an Agreement on Introduction of a New Omnichannel Banking Platform
  198. 'A Huge Mistake' - Armenia's Second President Opposed to Constitutional Changes
  199. U.S. Plastic Surgeon Introduces New Breast Cancer Procedure to Armenia
  200. Who Owns the Internet in Armenia
  201. Bulgaria: Alleged Cocaine King Makes Surprise Court Appearance, Dispels Rumors He Fled Justice
  202. Yerevan Cops Release 10 Anti-Constitutional Change Demonstrators; HAK Proposes Public Meetings
  203. Armenian Foreign Minister Welcomes New UK Ambassador
  204. Armenia's Parliament Passes Constitutional Change Bill
  205. Yerevan Cops Detain 17 Demonstrating Against Constitutional Change Bill
  206. Armenian President Thanks Outgoing Iranian Ambassador
  207. Planned Constitutional Referendum in Armenia Flawed; Few Trust Election Process
  208. Armavia: Armenias Faded Colors
  209. Reflective Landscapes: Yerevan Battlegrounds, City Parks
  210. CSTO Peacekeeping Forces Exercises Continue at Baghramyan Training Center
  211. Artsakh Refutes Azerbaijani Statement of 2 Armenian Soldiers Killed
  212. Police to Hand Over Info to Investigative Journalists NGO
  213. Albert Sargsyan Reelected Head of NASA's Scientific-Educational Center
  214. Group of Armenian Doctors from America to Arrive in Armenia
  215. Lori Regional Governor Warns of Mining Job Cuts Due to Drop in Metal Prices
  216. DigiTec 2015: Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia will recruit students for upcoming internship programs
  217. Audit Completed: Armenian Prime Minister Declares Electricity Rate Hike 'Justified'
  218. Offshore Companies Pave the Way: Russian-Armenian Businessman Takeover of Armenias Electricity Grid
  219. Armenian President Meets with ARF/Hay Tad Officials in Washington DC
  220. Medical Windfall: Company Owned by Wife of Deputy Health Minister Gets Big State Contracts
  221. Artsakh Defense Ministry: 120 Azerbaijani Ceasefire Violations
  222. Italy: Police Crack Down on 'Cosa Nostra-backed Credit Card Hackers'
  223. Lithuania: Police Seize 600 Kilos of Cocaine Disguised as Coal
  224. Tashir Group is to acquire the electric energy assets of Inter RAO in Armenia
  225. Kimprom Workers Demonstrate Yet Again for Back Wages; No Resolution in Sight
  226. Artsakh's Nor Haykadjour Village To Finally Get Drinking Water
  227. Armenian Health Ministry Cites Chile and Canada to Back Flour Enrichment Program
  228. Armenian Justice Minister Meets CoE Human Rights Policy Head
  229. Artsakh President Congratulates Abkhazia President on Liberation Day
  230. Sargsyan, Obama Discuss Armenian Issues in New York
  231. President Sargsyan Addresses U.N.: 'If Baku Continues Aggression it Will Leave Armenia No Alternative but to Take Necessary Legal and Political-Military Steps'
  232. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Former Agriculture Minister Among Five Arrested for 'Farm Incentives Fraud'
  233. Possible Scenarios of War Resumption on Artsakh Dividing Line
  234. Like a Sandwich on Mt. Sion: The Ever Diminishing Armenian Community of Jerusalem
  235. Slap on the Wrist: Court Fines Supplier of Inedible Chicken Meat to Yerevan Kindergartens $1,000
  236. "I am applying to the Pope of Rome for the freedom of Soghomon, my friend"
  237. Emils Sun: New Therapy Center for Children with Multiple Disabilities Opens in Gyumri
  238. Property Tricksters: Armenias Culture Minister and Presidential Adviser Appropriate Yerevan Landmark
  239. Yerevan Mayor Orders Beefed Up Monitoring of Food Suppliers to Public Schools
  240. Minsk Group Co-Chairs Call for OSCE Mechanism to Investigate Ceasefire Violations
  241. Artsakh Refutes Azerbaijani Claim of 7 Dead Armenian Servicemen
  242. Hetq Source Claims 12, Not 3, Azerbaijani Servicemen Killed Overnight
  243. Armenian FM and OSCE Chairperson Discuss Karabakh Conflict Settlement Process
  244. We Have Risen From the Ashes, but Continue to Create Within the Confines of a Casino-Centric Mentality
  245. Yozgat - Games and toys
  246. The Message of His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians On the Occasion of the Blessing of the Holy Chrism
  247. Press Statement by the Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group
  248. Armenian President: 'Azerbaijan Government Will be Held Accountable for Tribulations It Causes Its People'
  249. Armenian Foreign Minister in New York: 'Baku Shows Its Contempt for Human Life'
  250. Hetq Medal Winner in Three Categories