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Englisch Version of Constitution

1.General Provisions
1.1 Forum VIP rmenia is oriented for the intercourse on different topics.
1.2 Any user may express his thoughts freely by leaving messages (see amendment A.).
1.3 You may leave messages in any world language.
1.4 The Forum is accessible from any place of the world.
1.5 The thread opened in the Forum becomes the common property of all the users.
1.6 The Forum organizers do not bear responsibility for reliability or legality of the information published in the Forum as well as for the users' behaviour.
1.7 Without allowance of forum members, publication of his personal data like real name, photo, adress, computer location IP, result of voting, is forbidden

2.1 Registration
2.1.1 Using as a nickname or its components:
-e-mail addresses;
-links on sites, servers and link elements;
-unquotable words and expressions ;
-imitation of existing nicknames.
2.1.2 Using more than one nickname (see amendment B)
2.1.3 Avatars absolute identical to one used by other members of forum

2.2 Messages, Signatures, Intercourse, Profile
2.2.1 Becaming personal with insulting remarks in form of words, pictures, links and music.
2.2.2 Pronouncements of racist or nacist character abusive for culture, religion, tradition and mentality of any nation.
2.2.3 Insult of religious and national symbols.
2.2.4 Expansion of deliberately false information and calumny for the truth propaganda of lie.
2.2.5 Commercial advertising and references to them without the Council of Trustees consent.
2.2.6 Obscene material and references to them.
2.2.7 Creating of identical threads in different sections and/or identical messages in different threads.
2.2.8 Use of more than 10 per cent words written with CAPITAL LETTERS or with the tag [SIZE] in the text of the message or in the threads title.
2.2.9 Discussion and arraignment of the moderators policy out of the section "Appeals and Petitions".
2.2.10 Unquotable expressions in any language.

A two-graded penalty system operates on the Forum: Warning without consequences and Penal points.
The both have a certain period of validity - remain in the users personal profile and act simultaneously, if their periods of validity coincide for some days, hours or months.

3.1. Warnings are given only on account of prohibitions inumerated in the item 2.

3.1.1 30 points for 3 months are given for breaking items 2.1.1 and 2.1.2
3.1.2 20 points for 1 months are given for breaking items 2.2.6
3.1.3 breaking items 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3 - 10 points for 1 month
3.1.4 for items 2.2.4, 2.2.5, 2.1.3 5 points for a week
3.1.5 one point for 3 days for breaking items 2.2.7, 2.2.8, 2.2.9
3.1.6 for breaking item 2.2.10 1 point for 3 day for each unquotable expression is given

3.2 On receiving a certain number of points a punishment with a concrete period of validity comes into force:
3.2.1 in the presence of 10 points the user is deprived of the rights to have an avatar (icon) and a signature (deprivation of privileges)
3.2.2 more than 20 points deprivation of the right to take part in discussions in any section except Appeals and Petitions (deprivation of taking part in discussions in concrete sections)
3.2.3 more than 30 points impossible to use the Forum (deprivation of the right to use the Forum)
3.2.4 more than 50 points the access from the users computer is denied for 3 months (deny of the access from the computer used by the user)

4.1 Administrative Bodies
4.1.1 The Administrative bodies of the Forum are The Moderators (Editors) of the sections and The Council of Trustees (House of Lords).
4.1.2 Any of the registered users can take part in the governing the Forum by becoming a moderator or a lord/trustee.
4.1.3 Moderators are being elected.
4.1.4 Trustees are those who give financial and technical support to the Forums hardware (see amendment C).
4.1.5 Rights and duties of the Moderator work only in the section deputed to him.
4.1.6 Rights and duties of the Trustees spread only on the technical organization of the whole Forum.
4.1.7 Areopagus The Council of Moderators has the right to make declarations on behalf of the whole Forum and all the users.
4.1.8 House of Lords The Council of Trustees has the right to make declarations only on behalf of the House/Council.
4.1.9 Council of courts consisting of at least two moderators of sections "Election" and "Appeals and Petitions", organising the yearly elections, suming up the results and appoints the winners as moderators.

4.2 Moderators rights and duties.
4.2.1 The users have the right to delete their own posts and threads, and demand of the moderator to physically wipe out all the tracks.
4.2.2 Nobody has the right to demand deleting of quotation of his post in another users post.
4.2.3 Nobody has the right to delete the whole thread without the consent of all the users who have left posts in this thread.
4.2.4 The Moderator has the right to define additions to the rules working in the section deputed to him (see amendment D).
4.2.5 The Moderators have the right to delete and edit threads and posts.
4.2.6 The Moderator has the right to punish and warn for breaking the rules.
4.2.7 The Moderator doesnt have the right to irretrievably wipe out the posts and threads of the user without his consent.
4.2.8 The Moderator has the right to move the posts/threads not concerning his section into other threads/sections.

4.3 Elections and Dismissals of Moderators

4.3.1 Elections of Moderators are held annually in spring (see amendment E)
4.3.2 Any active user can become a moderator (see table of Activity)
4.3.3 The user receiving the majority vote becomes the Moderator (see amendment E and the table of Quorum).
4.3.4 The same user can be moderator unlimited times and in any section.
4.3.5 The Moderator can resign at any moment having declared it in public (see amendment F)
4.3.6 The Moderator has the right to demand adding a co-moderator to his section if he cant be active enough; if the Moderator doesnt propose for a concrete candidate, then elections are to be held (see amendments E and G)
4.3.7 In Moderators insufficient activity in his section (see table of Activity) the Moderator is deprived of the rights to moderate (see amendment F).
4.3.8 The moderator is retired if he is given a vote of no-confidence (see amendment H) and new elections are appointed.

4.4 The Council of Trustees/House of Lords rights and duties
4.4.1 The Council of Trustees promises to guarantee the technical existence, activity, merging of the Forum and apply/allocation of cost not only financial.
4.4.2 Each Trustee owns a property of shares equal to votes in the voting of the Council of Trustees.
4.4.3 In the owning of more than 21 per cent of shares by one user, only those shares which form 21 per cent of the whole amount take part in the voting.
4.4.4 Shares are given for direct donation or mediation.
4.4.5 For governing work - administration, supermoderation, help in design the user is awarded a nominal share (see amendment I)
4.4.6 The Moderator carrying out his commitments for 3 months at least receives a nominal share for each section (see amendment I)
4.4.7 For each donation of 2000 Drum the user is awarded by request the status of Lord/Trustee and a share (see amendment J).
4.4.8 On having proceeds of Forums activity shares are laid under dividend determined by the Council of Trustees.
4.4.9 Shares cant be taken away or annulled and are given into unlimited usage into the users possession.


A. after registration you should write a minimum of 7 posts in the forum, to receive the full rights to use the forum
B. If for some reason have forumdzhanina have more than one Nike in the forum, he must inform the administration about this and they will fold into one, or remove excess
C. Attendance at least 3 months, exercise the powers of those. admin Forum, Tech. providing hosting, design innovations for granted the status of a trustee
D. Additional rules for determining the moderator can not be grounds for punishment

E. Procedural issues concerning the organization of the elections: for example, the criterion for determining the admissibility of candidates, restrictions on the participants, without the right to vote, the duration of the voting shall be determined by additional rules, Elections Division, see
F. If forum does not have co-moderator, a new election is appointed. If moderator can not perform until the end of the election moderator duties outgoing / or due to resignation of the moderator, the duty of moderation in the forum will be under council of court, who in period of two weeks must to organize the new elections,
G. If a person is very active in the department, the question of the need for a co-moderatora may be raised by any forumdzhaninom
H. A quorum of the voting trust: vote of no confidence should be expressed more forumdzhanami than the number of votes "for" cast in the election of the moderator. More on the rules of the department "Appeals and Applications"

I. nominal share can not be moved to another before adding to their credentials
J. Each agency was awarded the simple act of 10% of the donated amounts - a minimum of one share
K. House of Lords can veto a candidate if you doubt the validity of the contribution forumdzhanina in the formation of a forum, or vice versa can be even in the absence of 5% of the first barrier deem appropriate attribution of the status and actions

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